FP2 totally dead... Any ideas, anyone?

Hi Fairphoners,

When I was about to charge the phone one day (the battery had
drained) it simply did not charge any more. I’ve tried a few
chargers now and no one makes a difference. When I connect the phone to
the computer nothing happens, but the red light on the phone turns on
for like one sec and then turns off. The voltmeter shows 2,6V when
measuring the battery. I’ve sent a message to support twice (with two weeks in between) but they don’t answer and I really don’t know what to do. What do I do next…?

When you tried different chargers, did you try different cables too? The cable is the most common cause for charging issues. It needs to be a good data cable.

If support doesn’t answer you can send @anon48893843 a PM and he will get someone to respond to your ticker.

Try to remove the battery for 5 minutes and charge again.

Thank you for your answers! I’ve tried both your recommendations and there’s still not much going on… But the red light is actually flashing now when I plug it into the computer, which hasn’t happened before! Well, I’ll leave it for a while and then contact Michiel if nothing changes.

Unfortunately I have the same problem with my FP 2, did anything help to you?
Thanks for the help!

A flashing red LED indicates a fully drained battery. So, you might try to fully reload the battery (until the LED turns green) and then reboot your FP2.

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I bought a new data cable and connected the phone to my computer with it and now it is actually charging. It had to be connected for like 10 min before anything happened though. So it seems the battery was completely drained. I’ve come this far once before, then the phone survived for a couple of hours when it was fully charged before it froze, shut down and I could not start it again. So I’ll see if it goes better this time. Anyhow, I tried different chargers, but it’s only working when I connect the phone to a computer, which is a bit strange…

Okay! Thanks a lot for your reply and please let me know how it ends, it seems I have exactly the same problem…

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Time for an update! I’ve written to the support again but they don’t answer of course… I respect that they are overwhelmed with things to fix atm but at least they could have sent an apology for the delay instead of just pretending like everything is fine… It sort of ruins my trust in them. There should be a positive feeling about this product!

ANYHOW: My FP2 seems to be working now, but like I said: I’ve come this far once before but then it died after half a day, I hope it goes better now. First it got fully charged when I plugged it into the computer and let it charge all night without the computer getting into sleeping mode. Then I discovered that I can only start the phone when I move the SIM-card from slot 1 to no. 2 instead. So try to move the simcard to the other slot and see if that works?

This was also the first time that the light turned green when fully charged, which may imply that the phone has never been fully charged before, I don’t know. Maybe I need a better charger. And it was also the first time that the battery had drained when all this started, so maybe it was the combination no battery - bad charger that made it impossible to start. In combination with software problem with slot 1 as well… Oh my.

What is the Ampere of your chargers?

I’ll check when I can, I’m out of town at the moment. But now I’ve only charged it through the computer. And well, now the phone just froze, shut down and I can’t start it again. When I connect it the computer says that “the disk has to be formatted”, I get not only one but five pop-ups saying that instantly. So it seems I’m back to zero.

Maybe something is wrong with your SD card. Take it out an see what happens.

It’s respondig to a charger with 1,55 A but not with 850 mA so that could be something! I don’t have a SD card in my phone yet… :slight_smile:

I have pretty similar problems with mine. I can recharge sometimes but sometimes the battery symbol just changes really quick. If having good luck it will recharge till some point than will go off again. Yesterday I disassembled the phone almost completely to see if any of the connection is causing some trouble. It seems to have worked for a couple of hours and now is again giving me pains

A typical problem with many thingys is a too weak charger. Try with at least 1,5 or 2A and see if it gets better.

I had this problem a few days after getting my FP2. A lot of chargers and cables would charge it incredibly slowly, and sometimes the battery would even go down when plugged in!
I found, however, that mine will always charge from a computer’s USB port, or a portable charger, and also allows me to actually use the touchscreen while it’s charging.

ah… Ubbeus - that’s the crux of this problem. Most micro USB chargers - don’t give Ampere details, just that they’re compatible with iThis or iThat or Samsung ditto.
I bought - and threw away 4 chargers before the Phone Co-op sold me a charger with a ‘belkin’ Charge/Sync cable - that works… No idea what amps it’s running on, it doesn’t say - or even that it’s a data cable.
We’re heading towards a ‘universal charger’ = Great, but have to standardise the charging speeds. FP2 ain’t there yet.

Oh, bummer. I might be wrong here, but I think that in Sweden you are not allowed to sell a charger without declairing what amp it gives. It always says on the charger, but in the smallest text possible.