FP2 to sell + FP2 Speaker


I am selling my FP2 Slim Case Indigo from 2017.

-Camera 12MP
-Microphone does not work, you would need a new Bottom Module.
-Slim Case has a cut but nothing serious.
-Signs of usage, but it works fine
-Good for spare parts or further use
-The phone comes with the FP2 Speaker in wood look

90€ (negotiable) + shipping (from Austria)
Was only allowed to upload one foto, write me for more!

@Ansgar-Stracke-Merte Noch auf der Suche?

Can you place a photo on the forum when you display is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?


Hi @ChrisBi !

I am interested about the FP2, David, from Italy!!

Could you please send the picture as @Lidwien asked you to?


Is this still available? I have posted in the “Wanting to buy” market. Would definitely be interested if the core module works fine.

Please do let me know.
Best wishes

Please @ChrisBi could you make a picture of the working phone.

HI @ChrisBi, is the phone still available? thx

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