FP2 to sale (under warranty)


I sell my Fairphone 2 New Life Edition (factory refurbished) subject to a 2 year warranty (it was delivered in July 2017) . The phone is as new, I have not used it.
There are only few red marks on the back white cover due to transportation. The phone will be sold in its initial packaging.

Price : 390€ / £340 including postage or nearest offer. Although I can send the phone anywhere via secure recorded delivery, I would hope to make the deal in person in London.


Hey, Raphael. I would be interested, if you could send it to Germany as well?

Hello Chrissy,
I could send it to Germany but you will need to pay the postage costs (€10/15€) and I would need to receive first the payment via Paypal.
Please let me know if that work with you.

Hello Raphael,

I am very interested in buying this FP2 if @Chrissy_Ludwig decides not to take it. I am in Canada, but I would be very happy to pay for the shipping.



Hello Chrissy,
Are you still interested?

Thank you, I have already another one :wink: You can take it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello Tara,
Are you still interested? Shall we proceed?

Hi Raphael!

I am still interested! I just wanted to ask, why did you decide to sell this phone? And do you mind sending me the IMEI number?



Hi Tara,
The reason why I am selling this phone is because I am more an Apple person and not an Android person. I have other Apple products and it work better to have an iphone. I can send you the IMEI number tomorrow.

Perfect, thanks! Is there any way that we can work out the details over skype?

Is it just me?
In my opinion, I would advise to discuss things like this at least via private message.
Maybe you would like to delete these last postings or move them to a pm-thread.
The IMEI and a skype contact to me seem a bit sensitive for public posting.


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