FP2 sudden death

How many from us are experiencing sudden death (deadly bricked ?) from their phone ?
I personnaly have this experience after xmas, found my FP2 dead on my desk, openned a support “activity” on zendesk’s app, still waiting for a fairphone response from 10 days …

What do you mean exactly?

I mean, 10 days with a ticket opened without intervention from fairphone staff, and the great number of people asking how to backups their phones on this forum, make me think “fairphone” is facing a huge amount of sudden defective phones these days…
I have 2 fairphones. I have already made all crossed tests (battery, usb cable, charger, etc…), leading to make me think about a bad component in the phone or a bad update (leading to a brick), so I suspect I’m not alone in this case…

Sorry, I didn’t express myself well. What I meant was: What do you mean with sudden death exactly?

as I said in first post : [quote=“def4a2e93a4faba6e495, post:1, topic:36755”]
found my FP2 dead on my desk one morning
tried everything I could to so far (exchanging charger/cables/battery, let the phone charging for many hours, (for days now)).

The “chinese” phone I use by now, made me think my FP2 was experiencing problems from far long ago: It’s abble to keep connected to my phone operator all day long by now; with my FP2, I had the habbit to switch to plane mode/normal mode once or twice a day to “reconnect” to my operator wich antenna is 400meters from my home.

Could you describe “dead” a little further?
Does it vibrate if you press the power button?
Does the LED light if you plug it in?
Does the screen ever show something?
Are you able to get into #dic:recoverymode?

dead = strictly nothing, never switched on again: blackscreen, no activity when power button is pushed, the CPU remains cold, etc…

The only led seing, is a fixed (not blinking) red color from front panel RGB led, being lightup a few seconds, when I connect a charger without the battery. The red led witch off after about 30 seconds or a minute.

Unfortunately that probably means the main module is broken and you’ll need a replacement from support. And to answer your first question: This doesn’t happen often.

To speed up the support process call them with your ticket number ready:


My ticket was opened 10 days ago; I know FP staff was on vacation last week, but It’s being very-very-very long… I use my phone for working: I had to bought the cheapest phone I found to still being abble to work. 10 days of delay (not counting the delay I’ll have to responds another time to all sort of questions with the “support” staff, sending the board/phone, let them test the board a few days, waiting for the new board)… that’s quite a long time waiting…

What are your source to say that ? are you from fairphone staff, a paid moderator, a “volunteer worker” for fairphone ? : your status is not very clear about that…

Unfortunately 10 days of waiting for an eMail reply is not an exception, but still below average:

But with the method I mentioned above you get your request handled instantly.

I’m a community moderator, I’m not payed by Fairphone and I don’t have any special insights, but I’m the most active person here on the forum, read almost every post and know what issues are common and which are rare. Broken motherboards are almost unheard of - unless they are DOA or damaged by water or a fall - but even then the mother board is the last thing that breaks.


Hi def4a2e93a4faba6e495,

I am sorry to hear your FP2 is dead.
I had exactly the same behaviour and got my FP2 replaced a year ago.
Like @paulakreuzer said, the mainboard was gone.
I got asked some questions by the support team and they came to that conclusion.
My luck, had a spare phone available, what is normaly used as my spotify player.


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my phone was broken in christmas., sudden death too. After the last update it reboots randomly and someday it doesn’t boot. The same issue discribed above. I opened it to find loose connections in the phone, but i found nothing - it’s all ok in the phone. I think my mother board is broken too… I created a ticket, but i never heard an answer to my ticket.

Please read above how to get a reply fast.

Also did you rule out other issues than a broken motherboard (e.g. with the #blackscreenguide and the #batteryguide)?

I have the same issues above and i checked the guides too. Now, if i connecting my fairphone to a power source, then i see a red blinking led.

Oh i see, it is loading… Maybe it is overheating some times???

That means your battery is (was?) completely empty.
If it’s charging well now then everything is good, if it won’t really charge than do the battery reset from the battery guide.

Now i can start it…


The same happened to me after more 1 year working well: no way to charge or boot the FP2, trying many cables, power supplies, batteries… and the LED is flashing red always.
I had to send it back DOA, and Support changed the full phone.

Unfortunately for me, the replacement one has other problem, so I used it only 2 days and went back to my replacement phone, but this is another story…

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