FP2 stuck with 18.04.1 version

Hi, I’ve been using the 18.04.1 FPOS Android 6 for a while, but I never got any notification that more recent OSes were available. In fact I found out on the forum that up to 19.10 OS with Android 7 is out. When I go to the advanced settings and I choose the OS updater, it tells me my OS is up-to-date.
I can then go to advanced mode and it gives me an option to install “Android for Fairphone”, with Fairphone OS 18.04.1 (same version as mine). Then I can click on it and click “Install”. It will tell me that Download has started and ask me to wait, but after a while there is no visible progress in the progress bar.
My connection is fine and fast, I made some space on the hard disk.

I’d like to go why it gets stuck there, and how I can update to more recent OSes.

Thanks for you help

The upgrade is rolled out in stages and over some weeks people get the upgrade randomly. Just wait a while.

Thanks for your quick reply. I didn’t know that. So there is no option to trigger the update manually. Well I guess it is fine, if I have no news within a couple of months I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

It should be days or weeks rather than months. I received the update to 18.09.2 yesterday night, after a number of users had already got it last week.



There is actually a trick to get the update, by entering the developper mode. See here

Hi, you can “priorize” your updater by yourself by tapping some 10 times on the text " Your current OS Version is …". The updater then switches into developer mode and offers 18.09.2 (Android 7). That is mentioned in the forum Herr elsewhere too.

Due to the developer option it is possible to get a Release Candidate version - observed here: 🇩🇪 Kein Android 7 Update mehr angeboten?
-> That was on a Fairphone Open - i don’t know if it is the case with the google android as well.
Better wait for the scheduled rollout if you are not sure, what you are doing .

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