FP2 stuck on "Change is in your hands" screen

Ohw, I just see the newest post by wiz. Stuff to try out!

open a command window? euh… hint?

The restriction seems to be lifted now. I think, you didn’t see my edit of my previous post therefore i’m repeating here.

Hi paulakreuzer,
as this is a community forum, i am wondering if the devs know about this issue. Do you think they check sometimes the issues in the forum or would you recommend also opening an issue at https://support.fairphone.com/?

Long story short: This wants you to install Java, you can get it here.
Long story:
JVM = Java Virtual Machine, Android Studio probably needs this, but I don’t know, I installed Minimal ADB and Fastboot and had Java installed anyway.
JDK = Java Development Kit, that’s what you normally get when you install “Java”.
JAVA_HOME is a variable pointing the system to where java.exe is, so Java stuff can be run without having to know where java.exe is, you (or any software) just have to say “java”, and the system knows its way … normally installing Java takes care of that for you, but if all else fails, you can set it straight yourself that way.

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