FP2 spotted in Amazon Prime Series "You Are Wanted"

I’m watching Amazon’s new series You Are Wanted. I don’t want to spoil too much: In one second episode [details=(Spoiler: Show episode)](episode 2) [/details]Lukas’ old phone breaks and he gets a new one - a FP2!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Appearantly they didn’t really practice putting the back cover on properly…

If anyone wants to see it: [details=click to open spoiler] It appears at ~35:00 in the second episode. [/details]

Spoiler reduced annotation: They even point out the modularity of FP2 later. This is great!


Nice! Do you have a screenshot? Or a little screen capture of the scene?

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There you go :slight_smile:

They actually show the boot screen witht the Fairphone logo in another episode too :slight_smile:

So this ist where he takes the battery out (It’s hard to keep that moment on the screen, sorry):

Aaaand this is where he puts it back in. Note that the Fairphone Logo is clearly visible for several seconds.

By the way, he’s got a translucent blue back cover. I tried to take a screenshot where this is visible…

I have only watched till episode 3 so far, maybe there are more occurencies later :slight_smile:

Found the boot screen:


Spoiler ahead: there is a second FP co-starring. Last episode, around minute 24.


Just for future reference: You can do real spoilers, just like:

[details=spoiler text]
hidden text

BTW, interesting who is partner of the production… :joy:


Apple Europe LTD? :open_mouth:

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I don’t want to



Oh, Fairphone is put as an official partner? Does that mean it’s paid product placement or is it just a reference of the producers?


How FP can be partner with the unfair Amazon ??

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Whether one likes Amazon or not, I think it’s pretty awesome that such a big Amazon production chooses to promote Fairphone for a broad audience.

There are iPhones in the series too. :wink:


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Just watched the series “You are wanted”, created by Amazon. In nearly every episode Matthias Schweighöfer uses a FP2 with the blue translucent cover. More than one time he removes the battery, to avoid being located by the police. That was filmed in a close shot, so you can clearly see and read the Fairphone logo. His enemy even got located, cause his phone doesen´t have a removeble battery :wink:
And in the credits they also thank Fairphone.
So is this the first official appearance of Fairphone in a TV production?
Would be nice to know if Fairphone got asked for a sponsoring.




If Fairphone really partners with Amazon, that’s a reason to leave the movement

“Wenn du dich mit dem Teufel einlässt, verändert sich nicht der Teufel. Der Teufel verändert dich.”. :upside_down:

I would not agree to that, at least if using amazon for advertisement purposes counts as partnering.
Fairphone already has partnered with Google (i.e. Android) in a much deeper sense as well :wink:

First of all I would not call marketing throough amazon partnering with the devil.
Second the targets of Fairphone can not be followed and reached all at the same time, as has been mentioned in this forum already more than once (e.g. here: Librem and FP). Changing Amazon to me seems not a priority right now.

If you want to change the market, you have to enter the market, whiich is hard to impossible not using advertisement. Living in a bubble of ones own might be feeling good, but in my opinion it is like waiting for the revolution come knocking at the door (i.e. not going to happen).
Placing FP as a cool phone for a broader market is really needed, as this will help selling more phones and by that achieving changes for the better all along the production chain as well as improving quality control and support.


Next time I will use the forum search first.
I follow this forum for such a long time, but I must missed this threat. =)
Nevertheless it is really cool to see the products of Fairphone in shows, which are seen by thousands of people to make the brand more known to the public. The big players also didn’t reach their domination overnight. They first get along with the situation to gain more impact. This is exactly what happens with the appearance in “you are wanted”.
But it makes me proud to see a FP in such a format. And it feels 99% right for me to do a product placement like this.


I also think that there are partnerships and partnerships…
It would be interesting to know how Fairphone ended up in this series, but my guess is that Amazon didn’t give Fairphone anything and that Fairphone didn’t pay anything to Amazon (so not really a product placement). I would guess that Fairphone gave one or two phones for the shooting, that’s all.
I haven’t seen the actual series, but looking at the pictures and reading @huskers’ message, I understand that the phone is a central question in the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers/writers/director had already thought about the question of the battery and the tracking and were looking for a phone company with removable battery. I wouldn’t be surprised either if one of them already had heard of Fairphone and thought “maybe I can use this in my show!”

But @Moritz’ question remains:

About acknowledgements: someone I know was thanked in a book without knowing it in advance and wasn’t really happy to be thanked as he didn’t want to be linked to this book…


The actor, Matthias Schweighöfer, is a really big fan of Fairphone. He and the producer asked us if they could use a FP2 in the series and of course we were honored so we lend one to them. We haven’t yet, but will get it back at some point. So it is a very unofficial, official partnership, if you know what I mean.

Maybe we can sell it as a collectors item for an insane high price and donate the proceedings to a good cause. :wink: