FP2 speakers sputtering, hitches and tinny listening to podcast?

Good afternoon you all!
Last night I used my new FP2 the first time to listen to podcasts. I usually put on a timer, and fall asleep to someone speaking.
I had already listened to the previous 11 episodes of this podcast

through TuneIn on my Galaxy 3 without problems. Yesterday, in the linked episodes, there were distracting hitches and a sputtering of speakers. #nosleep
I wonder what it could be?
Did my old phone have a better “equalizer”, for want of a better word? Or could the speaker in the phone be faulty? Is it because the phone is new? Or the Internet connection too bad? (No problem before)
I now listen to the same episode on my old phone without problems.
Any advice?
I still have one week to decide whether to send back the phone. Add to that that even in energy saving mode, the FP2 battery did not last the day and is already charging, I wonder what to do.
Feedback at work about the phone has been great :slight_smile:

PS: I reset my phone to factory settings yesterday, btw, and voila, there was the green LED when charged. Funny, huh?

To verify it’s not the Internet or WiFi, download the mp3 and play it locally.

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Thanks Ben for the tip.

I tried six different versions, I listened repeatedly to the same part of the podcast.

1: Galaxy 3, TuneIn = sound ok
2: Galaxy 3, download = sound ok

3: Fairphone 2, TuneIn = more cracks and sputtering
4: Fairphone 2, download = more cracks and sputtering

5: Headphones, Fairphone 2, TuneIn = more cracks and sputtering
6: Headphones, Fairphone 2, download = more cracks and sputtering

The original quality of the recording isn’t the greatest, but that’s maybe not the point?
It sounds like the old amps my dad used to have, dusty somehow. Does that make sense?
But it does NOT seem to be the speakers after all.

You are welcome!

Is it only this podcast? Have you tried other files?

Regarding your experiments 3 and 4: Here you are using the internal speakers right?

Yes, 3&4 were the phone’s speakers.

It was also noticeable using other music. I thought that the treble might be too high in the mix.

I downloaded a bass equalizer, now run it a 8/16, and have fixed the problem for me this way.

Thanks for helping me forward!