FP2 slowing down

Hi everyone,

For maybe the past 2 weeks my Fairphone has became significantly slower. Inputting text in the search bar in my browser very often results in the screen freezing - although if I continue typing the screen eventually catches up. Apps often stop responding or close entirely on me. It’s gotten to the point where when I press the button to wake up the screen, it can take a full 5 seconds to respond.

Has anyone else been having any similar issues? Or know what could be done to improve the situation?



Have you configured an SD card as “internal memory”?

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How about Settings > Apps > Chrome > Storage > Cache - what value do you have here, is it necessary to “Clear cache”?

I have this issue too and have had for some months/year.

@Volker would setting SD card as “internal memory” slow it down or speed it up in your experience?

@RJF_FP2 It would definitely slow it down and there are also other reasons why this is not a smart move. Please don’t do that.

@Ant0kneeguy do you remember doing anything specific (updating something, installing a new app, dropping the phone, etc.) two weeks ago that could have caused the slowing down?
Also have a look at the battery settings. If you can spot an app that uses lots of power, maybe it’s running in the background constantly and slowing your phone down. Ensuring that you have enough free memory also can’t hurt :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I’d like to give an update on how I solved this problem. It’s very simple: just perform a factory reset. Now it’s snappy as ever.


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