FP2 Slow at making/placing calls?

I´ve had this problem for quiet a while. I can´t remember if it´s been like this from the start and I don´t know if the phone is supposed to be like this, but here it goes.
When I make a call it is takes 5- 10 seconds (maybe longer) from i press the red phone “call” button, before I get at call sound. And it´s the same no matter if I have good signalstrength or low signaIstregth. Is this normal?
Before I got the FP2 I had an Iphone 4s and I don´t remember it being that slow…

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Got the same issue, any reply since you posted?

I think this is more of an Android than a Fairphone phenomenon. It does not bother me, but out of interest I just compared my FP2 with my old Samsung S3 mini that is running CM 12. I got the same result from both phones: about 5 seconds until the phone starts dialing and another 2 seconds delay until the other phone rings.

I think that I am on the wrong site since I can’t use my FP2 as a telephone. Everytime I make a call I get pop-up signs for PDF converters, I am trying to access my VoiceMail and I can’t access the keyboard since there is a stupid pop-up window. My phone switches to Airplane mode without warning, I can’t do certain tasks when I am charging.

@Lawrence_Taylor When did these problems start ? Do you remember installing an app just before this started to happen or do you have these problems since you started using your FP2 ? I am asking because this sounds really strange and smells of malware.


This has been happening regularly since I had the FP. I accepted the
problems since I am not really a Geek, but recently it has become a
problem. I uninstalled PDF to Doc converter, since this was the app
that often came up, but it hasn’t changed anything. It is late and I
will contact you tomorrow.


Larry Taylor

Hello, I would like to do a factory install with my FP2 but I would like
to back up first to my Linux. Is there a recommended back-up program for
Android? Once I have done this, how do I reinstall all of my data. I
know some stuff about Macs, but Linux is new for me.

You could use MyPhoneExplorer. I’ve only used it under Windows, but it seems that Linux is also possible. Have a look here: http://www.fjsoft.at/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7617&highlight=client+download

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