FP2 - slim or regular?

My current phone is counting its days before it is completely gone, so I have been looking into alternatives… And Fairphone seems to be the best out there (at least when it comes to not aggravating the issues of the world further). However, looking at preordering, I just don’t know enough about the pro-et-cons of the slim vs. regular versions of the FP2.

I can’t…

  • find the dimensions of either,
  • tell if one is more “sturdy” than the other (I dance and do calisthenics and generally crawl and jump around a lot of the time, so it will drop out of my pockets from various heights, at various velocities, onto various surfaces…), and/or
  • tell whether there are any other differences between the two.

I would appreciate some guidance with this. And keep up the good work! :+1: :slight_smile:


As you might know, the slim cases are all new and were launched just a couple of days ago, so there are no user experience reports about them yet.

If you cannot wait any longer and want the sturdiest rather than the coolest-looking, I would definitely go for the black matte cover based on what’s known so far. Note that the description in the Fairphone shop mentions “sturdy” in the regular case description, but not in the slim case description.

But have a look at the whole thread I linked to.


Fairphones original case was made to let the phone survive falls from selfie-hight, but the two different materials often came apart after some months.
The new case was produced to address this issue while presumably keeping the protective features of the original cover.


In that case I definitely recommend additional protection to the phone.


Yep, that is definitely going to happen. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any data to prove this yet, but since the old covers are known to be a little bit fragile sometimes, I would expect that Fairphone learnt from their experience. If I were you, I’d go with the new slim cover.

Well, from what I could read from the thread @urs_lesse linked before, the new regular covers should also be improved upon from the old ones - so it’s not a question of “old cover” vs. “new (slim) cover”, but a question of “new (regular) cover” vs. “new (slim) cover”.


After wearing down two original cases (the two different materials came apart in both cases), I installed the slim case this eek. I really like is. Not only is it smaller (so it feels better when holding) the material on the back has a different feel, which I like. And it looks quite good :slight_smile:

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