FP2 Slim Indigo, under guarantee, excellent condition

Fairphone 2 with Slim Indigo case in excellent condition, recent refurb replacement for sale

Thank you
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Purchased end of May 2016, still has a few months left of the 2 year guarantee.

It is in excellent condition. I used my FP2 for over a year but it developed problems. The good people at FP2 took a look at it and sent me a full replacement, refurbished, a full replacement phone, including a new screen.

The screen and case have no visible wear/scratch marks because I have not used it since the replacement came, other than to test that it works and to update the software. The protective film is still on the screen.

While it was being replaced, I got accustomed to a small screen phone which I borrowed. The screen on the FP2 is amazing, so much space, but I prefer a small phone now. Note that the camera is the 8mp version but you can replace it with the 12mp mod yourself later.

On sale for £369 +insured shipping. I will accept Paypal payment or bank transfer, and then send the IMEI to Fairphone to de-register it and register it to you once the funds have cleared. This is over 100 Euros less than a new FP2 (still unavailable for 529 Euros at the time of writing) and still under guarantee.

I live near Oxford, England, but I can potentially send the phone to an EU country depending on the cost.

Thank you

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