FP2: SIM: phone number field could not be edited

Hi Brian

Me again-just rebooted the phone and the settings have changed. Wish everything was as simple John

I have installed the 1.3.6 update, first the one with Google playstore, than the open one. With both versions I can’t give in the phone number of the SIM card. I am using only sim 1. No. 2 is empty. The phone keeps on asking me for entering a valid SIM name at the SIM card settings. I have put in the phone number as its name because I can’t enter the number at its proper place.

I moved your post where the issue is already discussed.

Where is this discussion? sorry, I couldn’t find it …

With Android 6 (still Beta) I can select a color now.
But I can’t change the number or the name of the Provider. I would like to change the number as it seems to be used by certain Apps as “my number”.

I had my old number transferred from A1 to T-Mobile. When I inserted the SIM for the first time in my FP2 the number wasn’t yet transferred and I received a notification with the temporary T-Mobile number. Now this wrong number is stored and I can’t change it…

This is a big issue for me as the number is wrong! The number that is hard coded into the SIM is not my number. I ported my number from another network. Help.

Since your new SIM card already has been activated, probably the best way to solve that issue would be to pop into a store of your new network provider and ask if it is possible to reprogram the card.