FP2 shuts itself off

My FP2, which I’ve had for about a year now, has beeb turning itself off, and I have yet to establish the reason. If I drop the phone and it shuts down, I can accept that. But other times I’ve been in mid-conversation, speaking on the phone, and suddenly the phone just dies. What is going on? The battery is not bloated.

Which of the following best describes your issue:

  • the phone shuts down and starts again automatically -> see the #rebootsguide
  • the phone vibrates and boots down
  • the phone is just suddenly turned off, but you can turn it on again
  • the screen is suddenly black and the phone doesn’t show any signs of life and can’t be turned on right away

Thanks for your reply, Paula!

  • the phone is just suddenly turned off, but I can turn it on again

See if the battery sits tight in the frame. If that is not the case it might loose contact to the rest of the phone at some point and the phone turns off suddenly. Usually when this happens it instantly reboots, but it’s still the most likely thing I can think of.
If there is wiggle room put some folded paper in the gap(s) to the left and/or on the bottom of the battery to push it towards the contacts.
If that doesn’t help or that’s not it see if there are #fairphoneangels near you who can help you troubleshoot e.g. by exchanging modules to find a culprit. Or contact support - you still have warranty (except maybe for the battery - that’s 1 year). Just try to see if the issue occurs in #dic:safemode too to rule out a software issue, otherwise (if there is nothing wrong with the phone) support might charge you for shipping and service.


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