FP2 screen unresponsive sometimes

Dear all,

My FP2 with all the updates does have an unresponsive screen several times a week. I than need to extract the battery to get my phone back to business again. There are 3 known situations:

  1. Sometimes when I start charging the phone, the moment i put in the cable, the touchscreen is not working, the on/off and volume buttons still work, disconnecting the power cable does not help than anymore. Not always during charging this happens.
  2. Sometimes after turning on the phone, the touch screen does not work. I can not enter pin code. Buttons do work, but I can’t press reboot, so have to extract the battery to get running again.
  3. Sometimes when my phone is locked, I can’t get it unlocked. The touch screen does not react on my fingers.

It is pretty annoying that I have to take the battery out of the phone 4 to 5 times a week.

Any suggestions?

Thank you Danny

Try to #disassemble the phone and clean the screen’s connectors.

I got that screen behaviour only after encrypting my phone, and the cause was my charger (750 mA).
I use other chargers now (800 mA and 1000 mA) and everything works fine.

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