FP2 Screen stays black, Reset Phone

Hi everyone

I have a FP2 which is not working properly anymore. I left it charged for quiet a while so it must be fully charged. I turned it on but I can only see a black screen. I also tried with different batteries.

I guess it can be a harware problem of the screen or software.

I’d like to erase everything from the phone and reset it. Is it possible to do it not on the phone? Like I connect it to my computer and can erase it or not since I can’t enter the pin.

Thank you for help and if you have questions if something was not clear, please just ask!

Fastboot comes to mind. But I don’t know if Fairphone supports that. Quickly Duck’ed it, but couldn’t find mentions of this.

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Just for clarification: No LED showing?


When charging yes. Apart from that no


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