FP2 screen on brightness fix flow version 2.0 for Automate

Here’s an updated (and simpler) flow for Automate that fix the screen on brightness problem that has been reported in another thread .

Version 1.1 in didn’t work well due to the way the Fairphone 2 lux sensor stores light intensity levels when the screen is turned off.

Screen on brightness level is modified according to the time of the day to avoid light bursts when turning on the phone at night.

Parameters can be customized if necessary by changing the flow blocks.

Screen on brightness fix, version 2.0
Make sure to give permissions to all necessary Automate functions.

Download flow here .

Flow diagram:

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Holy jumping mother o’God in a side -car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib ! An update to a solution to a problem I have had for four years!

I resigned about this problem long time ago. Well, lets try this thing.

Edit: When I import your flow, it starts to get a bit…strange.

Am I missing something? What does your flow need all these permissions for? I mean I am practically handing my phone to you if I agree to this.

Hello, yes, this is normal though. Automate needs permissions to change system parameters. You don’t need to give all permissions anyway. You can check the flow diagram to verify that the flow does nothing except change brightness levels to some default level (which can be edited by the user if necessary).

The way I understand it is that the only permission that is really necessary is “modify system settings.”


Well, I gave all the permissions so the Automate Script could be installed. I put the Brightness - which is on manual since four years (except for 1 year with a working YAAB) - on minimum and started your flow. It immediately jumped up to a bit less of half of the bar and stays there now. No change if I put the phone under a lamp or put my finger on top of the sensor. I shall test it on a sunny day. I’m sure there will be at least one sunny day in the next few weeks to next few months I’m sure.

Tell me how it goes. You can tweak the default parameters by changing the percentage numbers in the flow blocks, noticing that the way Android set them up isn’t very intuitive. Just increase or decrease the numbers until you find your best set.

You can also change the “day or night” hours, “day” is currently set for 6 am to 8 pm.


Very nice that there are still FP2 users around putting energy into it.

I have the strong impression that FP3 is luring more (FP2) customers than there were to be expected. I thought the longevity and sustainability aspect would let more FP2 users keep their phone for longer. But to me now it feels reading through this forum lately, like if almost every second FP2 user had faced so many major problems that it was an urgend need to purchase the FP3 and get rid of the FP2:thinking:

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My two family FP2, both running FP Open, still work quite well, and fast enough for my needs. I don’t ever think about buying an FP3 at the moment, and will probably never buy one if it can’t work with an Open OS and OpenGAPPS.

I’ll search around for a non-GAFA solution the day I really need it. It would be a pity if this solution isn’t a Fairphone, but I’m confident that by then someone will have proposed a non-GAFA solution for the latest Fairphone model.

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We’re getting there :wink:


Today was a beautiful day. Blue skies, sunshine, so I went out with my phone in hand.

You are the doctor that pulled a four year old nail out of my side.. It works. Just like that. No ifs and buts. Just does what this phone should have done from. Day one. Thank you!

Please understand the implications for this. Imagine you buy a brand new car and the fricken electric windows wont wind down. Producers says "thanks for telling us. Your opinion is important to us."and thats it.

Four years you sigh out in dissappoint, but you’re stuck with it. Every time you need an open window, you are sigh dissappointed.

That is over now - at least for this brightness thing.


Happy to hear that! :+1:

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Stopped working. When I noticed, I went to “Automate” to start the workflow:

I tried with auto-brightness on and off, made use of FAIRPHONE’s automatic reboot function… no change. What am I missing?

I don’t recognize the “Device interactive?” question line on the log, have never seen it. Did something change in device’s permissions or root authorizations?

It’s working fine with my two phones.

Could it be an incompatibility with a new Automate version? My version is about two years old and I never upgrade it.

Yes, there was an update 15.04.2020 to 1.23.1
I think thats the reason…

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Probably a block syntax change or a change in permissions. If you find the fix, please post it here (for different reasons I can’t use the new version).