FP2 screen goes crazy - like invisible fingers

Hi everyone!
My FP2 screen goes crazier from day to day. It started a few weeks ago and now its about 75% of the day impossible to use.

What’s the issue?
There seems to be something like an invisible finger, which “uses” my phone. It “touches” the screen and changes things. When locked for instance it reduces the brightness when i swipe down from the top or it tries to call emergency numbers… The whole screen seems to move around.
When it is unlocked (what is almost impossible because it doesn’t react to my fingers when it goes by itself) it opens and closes apps randomly, it activates things and everything flickers around - no logic.
It seems that most “touches” are located in the left area, mostly top half. But not only!

I checked and cleaned all contacts, cleaned the SIM card, checked the maintainance checks (screen seems to have some blind spots on the left) etc.

Nothing helps - of course I rebooted the phone hundreds of times!

Unfortunately the FP support doesn’t anwer the phone nor do they answer to my email.

Maybe somebody from you guys has a hint, tipp, suggestion or the same issue…

P.S. my FP was repaired in July/August because of other issues and the following parts got replaced:

  • screen
  • mainboard
  • top module
  • battery
  • case

so basically I’m talking about a 90% new phone… And I haven’t used it from August until November. so 4 weeks in use now

Well from your description that goes a bit beyond the crazy touch inputs which was rather common in the earlier days, but rather points to a faulty screen. Still the tips in the first post of that topic could help you, but most likely you’ll have to get your screen replaced (the post also describes what info you should include in your support request).

Does an answerphone say when they are back in office again? Usually sending a request and then calling is the best way to get a fast reply and solution.

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