FP2 Screen fades through streaky red to black and then recovers

Apologies if this should be elsewhere. I searched the forum with no result.

My Fairphone 2 display occasionally dies and recovers in a few seconds. Everything gets darker with dark vertical streaks* and a red tone until almost completely black and then snaps back to my home screen, or whatever app I have open at the time. Functionality is lost during these few seconds and seems normal after the display re-appears. I can’t seem to screen shot it as it happens. This is only really an annoyance, but I would be grateful to hear if any has experienced a similar issue.
(*NOTE - similar to the appearance of the “cannot connect to camera” fault which I was told should be cured by reseating the camera module and making sure the screws are tight. Similar vertical streaks, but more colourful!)
Thanks in anticipation

Did you try to #disassemble the screen and clean the connectors?

Also how old is your phone? If you still have warranty (2 years) I’d make sure to make use of it before it runs out unless the issue gets better. It could always get worse and no longer be just an annoyance and if you’re unlucky it’s caused by the main module. Replacing that will be expensive.

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