Fp2 screen extremely slow

Hi there

does anyone know how to fix an extremely slow screen? I already tried to reboot, reboot in safe mode, deinstall some apps and restart without SIM-cards, but nothing helps. My screen seems to react with approximately 5 - 7 seconds to every touch, which makes it very time consuming to do basically everything. Not useable that way. It started without any specific event, yesterday night.

So anyone had the same problem or read about this?

Thx for helping;)

Try to take off and re-install the screen. Maybe, clean the connectors between.

Maybe you need not take off and re-install the screen. In most cases it is sufficient to take off the Cover and performe a Kind of “massage” - see 🇩🇪 FP2 - ein schlechtes Produkt? and many other similar comments.

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Thank you so much, this worked!!

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t have time to deal with my broken phone the whole week, but I’m so glad it works again - I hope I don’t have to fix it every 3 days now as you described in your case.

to specify, I took off the screen and cleaned it with some slightly humid toilet paper. It really was an effort to take off the unlocked screen, I had to push pretty hard and already was worried it doesn’t come off as it should, but then with some extra force finally the screen moved

Update: I was also afraid, that the “massage” could be necessary every x days. Actually, I did the last “massage” in June 2016. Since then (more than 6 months now) the FP2 works fine without complains, even travelled (from Austria) to US, Canada, Mexico, Spain … no problems any more!

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