FP2 screen / display + battery for sale

(Serial number made black)
Location: Netherlands.
Screen: € 50
Battery: € 7,50

Because my core module died on me… :frowning:
The display is the “new version” (AKA FP2.5), and is confirmed to work perfectly fine on another fair phone.

Where in The Netherlands are you based. I’m interested in the screen.

Ik woon in Utrecht, maar kom soms ook op andere plekken. Waar woon jij?

Hi Ronald, if it’s not been sold yet - i’d be interested too,
(i’d cover costs for DHL to Germany)

It’s stille available, didn’t hear from Timmy anymore (sorry for the Dutch, I though it was a pm). I’ll give Timmy until tomorrow, otherwise you can have it. I’ll probably be able to ship it next Friday.

Hi, I might be interested in the battery if still available.
I’m in Italy, do you think it can be shipped there ?

Sounds good : )
BR /Stef

Ah crap, sorry, I forgot the new lithium regulations. Shipping of used batteries doesn’t seem to be allowed - unless I send you a complete phone. Perhaps one without a display also counts, but I guess not :frowning: If you know a way I can get it to you legally, please let me know.

Ah, I didn’t know about that, that is a pity. But I suppose it is best for safety that you can give it personally to someone living close to you.
I’ll try anyway to find more information, but I’m not sure where to ask…

hi, is the display sold now, or still available? i’d be interested as well!

Sorry, Stef is already very happy with it… So this topic can be closed.

Closed as requested by topic starter.