FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Same problem here. I had to get out of voicemail by removing the battery before I found out about the option of using the power button for disconnecting a call.

I can confirm this on my phone: after reboot the sensor says ‘far’. But after approaching the sensor with my finger, the reading switches to ‘near’ and stays that way.

I had the same problem. Just took off the screen, and fortunately I saw some dust on the sensor. Since I took it away it works well!

Same problem here…
Th screen turns black when making a call and wakes up after the other side finished it. The sensor is fine and works in any other application. I wrote the support. So let’s see if they can solve the problem.

Same problem for me, have to use the camera button to wake the phone up again.
i.e. Make call - screen goes black - screen stays black until the call is hung up by the other party.

I also have this issue. I wrote about it in the related thread:

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Hello everyone, just wanted to report that I also have this same problem. No screen protector, tried reboots and thorough cleanings. Thank you for the power button option but I do hope this can be fixed soon as it’s been pretty frustrating leaving looong answerphone messages while I fumble around trying to get the battery out!
Thanks :blush:

Yeah, same problem here. Wiping the sensor doesn’t help.

Hello, I’ve also been dealing with the identical problem (FP2) since about 2 weeks. Same goes for a friend of mine. Cleaning the proximity sensor every hour seems not to be a proper and sustainable solution.
After having read this blog I activated the power button to end phone calls with customer hotlines before the very end of the respective answering machine. But this is just a temporary solution. It’s quite annoying.
Will there be an FP2-update soon?

Dismounting the screen and removing the dust between the sensor and the glass solved this issue for me :slightly_smiling:

Same issue kicked in after one or two months here. Thanks for power button work around. Didn’t try cleaning the sensor yet.

I had the same problem, i just resolved it, it seems in my case to be a Privacy Impact problem (Settings > Sounds and notifications > Privacy Impact > Tick Disabled PI): the screen is not black anymore when placing / receiving a call.
Instead, I’ve the proximity issue mentioned here. My ear seems to launch randomly apps from the screen and jumping in the different menus of the launched app.

Could this really be it?

Sorry to disapoint you. Didn’t work for me…

I don’t think so, I never disabled PI and I have the same issues as reported above…

Hello everyone, my situation with the FP2 and my feelings towards it are exactly the same as stated above.

I’m waiting for a proper fix but if it cannot be fixed at all i’d like to return my phone and get a refund to purchase a functional phone even if it is not a fair one.

I’d like to know if the fairphone team is working on this and if it is a fixable issue.

Thanks !

Then write support, as stated several times this is a community forum…

I’ve been writing the support on 8th Feb- so 13 days ago and still got no reply in this. As this problem is one of the more severe ones, i’d expect more effort and regarding all the existing troubles- a lot more communication from fairphone!

I just did write to support about the issue, let me just emphase what p.s just said about the communication that should be made about this particular problem.
I too think that it is taken lightly in regards of the severity of the issue described.

I understand what you mean. As I wrote earlier, I experience the same issues.
I for myself just wanted to make clear that if you want an official answer this forum is not the appropriate channel to ask for it.