FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

yes ! very very hard to remove the screen ! And I don’t want to broke something more …

thanks for this !
I just want to remove the screen but there is glue or I don’t know but it is impossible

Please be aware that thid is a community forum and not a place to correspond with the Fairphone Team.

You have 14 days to contact support after receiving the phone to send it back and get a full refund.
After that period you have a 2 year warranty, so if you have a hardware issue you can get the affected hardware replaced for free.

Before you contact support I’d kindly ask you to try the workarounds described in the first post and in the thread. Support is swamped and take a long time to reply, so it would be really great if you could try the workarounds first and if they don’t work for you and your wive at least you can add that info in your request.
Also be aware that proximity sensor sensibility could still get improved by an upcoming software update (they are rolling in on a monthly basis or faster now).

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thank you Freierfunden : I succeded to do what you say, and it seems to be fixed … for the moment …

Edit: apologies for repeating part of @paulakreuzer’s message, I was called away when drafting the response and only now noticed you already got an answer.

Just a quick note to avoid any misunderstandings: Fairphone staff do occasionally show up on the forums, but at the end of the day it is a community forum for discussion between users. Further to this, none of the moderators are Fairphone employees either.

Other than that, I hope the workarounds in this topic can make life a bit easier whilst Fairphone come up with a more durable solution (last I heard is that the product team is investigating). Other than the ones mentioned in the first post, I recall that plugging a headset in and out of the phone will also turn on the screen.

Increasing the touch and hold delay may help there:

Depends on what the quality problem is exactly. If it’s because the camera doesn’t focus at short distances, you should be able to get a replacement camera under warranty. If it is something else, the 1.3.6 update saw ‘initial’ improvements to image processing, so this is at least something they’re working on.

Note that if you’ve had the phone for less than 14 days, then it’s easy to return the phone for a full refund - though you will need to file a support request stating that you intend to the return the phone in the two week cooling-off period - you do not have to specify a reason. Fairphone support staff will then guide you through the process, though they may take a while to get back to you. I’m not sure what Fairphone’s policy is on returns after the cooling off period. I’m mentioning this in case you’re about to run out of that two-week window.

Good to hear you managed to open the phone. If anyone else needs hints on how to open the phone, there’s a collection of tips in this topic:

So that’s € 500 + well spend :slight_smile:

I would love to read a blog post about this. Even if they are not able to find a quick solution, communication about how they are investigating issues would be a cool read. Other companies tend to deny and secretly fix stuff through updates and smaller callbacks, often just to protect their suppliers or their “image”. More transparency in this department would make FP stand out and enhance trust in them … and their suppliers.


Same problem here - just wanted to add to the crowd… Also filed a report a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard back from the team yet.

Incidentally, has anyone of you heard anything back from official Fairphone channels on that topic yet?

Same Problem here. As soon as i start a call the screen turns black and i can not activate it anymore. Before the last Update i could activate the screen by pressing the on/off Button during calls. Pressing the on /off Button twice did end the Call. My solution for now is to plugin a headphone to the Headphone jack. If i do so, the phone reactivates the screen for a while. A simple Hack but not realy a solution. I am not sure but my problems with this started after the last Update.

An other solution i just tried right now. When the call does start and the screen turns black (off). Rub with a finger at the area where the proximity-sensor is and the screen of my FP2 turns on again and i can use the whole thing like it should be.

Currently Fairphone have a support article on this issue available here.
I’ve included the link in the first post as well, so it’s easier to find.

same issue here - but it is definitely NOT a proximity sensor issue: because the screen goes black with the phone near nothing. I place a call, and when I turn the phone vertical, screen goes black, far from anything including my ear. And the screen does not come back on and there is no way to end the call except by removing the battery.

That may still be a sensor issue: If the sensor sends wrong data (for example because of dust or a malfunction) it would tell the system that is near something (leading to turning off the display) even if it isn’t.

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That’s the best example of a malfunctioning proximity sensor.

Check the first post. There are many workarounds that help you avoid this.

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This is making me crazy. It happens daily to me (even though I clean the sensor) and I have to open the phone and take out the battery in case I catch a voice mail. Can someone please tell me what to do about it? I am not interested in some “workaround” but a solution to the problem. I am a busy man and this is also why I can’t bother to read the 295 replies to this post above. I believe that Fairphone must provide a proper solution for this problem - a better sensor or whatever, I don’t know, but I cannot use my phone this way. Also (as far as I am told) it is very bad for the phone to remove the battery while the phone is running.

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Please read the first post for a summary of what this community knows. There is also a better workaround than removing the battery. Reading the post and activating the workaround is probably quicker than removing the cover…


If you really don’t want to use a workaround, just a little hint: you don’t have to take out your battery to restart the phone. Simply holding the power button for 15 seconds does the same thing, without having to remove the cover :wink:

Nope. It obviously doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I press the power button. Then the other part ends the call, the power button works again.