✏ FP2 - Reviews/Previews of the phone

First live picture of the phone with the “FAIRPHONE” on the front, below the screen? :blush:
New pictures here :


thanks @Fred! that’s a great article with cool photos and also “new news”. And even that they are starting to work on Fairphone 3 (omg!!!) in January 2016 is mentioned! :heart_eyes: :open_mouth:


@Fred Nice Articel and Pictures inside…20000 sold Phones until know is also very nice additional its great that they starting to think about the FP3…keep selling guys :slight_smile:

Fairphone 3! News to me too :wink: We are really focused on Fairphone 2 right now. I think that comment refers to an update for the North American market (those bands) but I’ll get more clarity for you guys.


A new big gallery of pictures :smile:
Black matte FP2.


Here is a (german) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNf2Nw-bc64 related to a (german) review article http://www.computerbild.de/artikel/cb-Tests-Handy-Fairphone-2-Erster-Eindruck-Oeko-Smartphone-11974607.html about the Fairphone 2 .
The following information about the Fairphone 2 is revealed in the video, that I didn’t know before:

  • the display as spare part will cost around 90€
  • update to Android 6.0 scheduled for early 2016

I don’t know whether this information is correct.
Additionally the video is nice live picture material of the phone :smile: (transparent back cover)


Here are two other sites that tell about plans for an update to Android 6.0:

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Nice :smiley:


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Focus Downunder: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/dutch-product-fairphone-is-the-next-phone-you-need-to-buy/news-story/aa10fb4899fddc2f2caed5aa32cd5340

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First hands-on in French: http://www.journaldugeek.com/2015/12/10/preview-fairphone-2/ .


The first review/test in German: http://futurezone.at/produkte/fairphone-2-im-test-ein-statement-fuer-mehr-nachhaltigkeit/168.901.638


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  • and added it to the wiki. @jftr I was aware of the thread being a wiki, but adding it on my phone seemed too complicated with all the formatting, so I postponed it until I was in front of my PC again, but I thought sharing the first review in german was important enough to just post it as an normal entry…

Can we distinguish between articles talking about prototypes of the phone and those that tested the release version? We could add a new section at the top which only contains the latest reviews of the actual phone.

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I read the translation, but it doesn’t seems that they are entertained in any aspect, they find battery life “less than average”, the photo module seems close to bad (no details, bad focus), idem for the front “not convincing”, they also say that the cover is making screen operation difficult, the screen seems quite good, but the luminosity is a bit under the average.
The benchmarks are “ok”, if i compare to a sony xperia z3 compact ( 1 years old, a 801 -AC at 2.5ghz), the Z3c scored 50 000 , where the FP2 scorded 41 000… its enough for everyday life and gaming, but still…not awsome at all.
The Techy inside me is disapointed by the benchmark results, but i was excepting that (my kind of “sacrifice” for a bigger good), but the other part of me is also really really disapointed :frowning:
Yeah, i excpeted that for the price it wasn’t going to be super powerfull, i excepted that it was going to be way bigger than average, but, i also excepted that the camera sensor was going to be at least “good” (from viewing what a 8mpix camera on an iphone can do !), i excepted that the battery life was going to be good due to the reduced frequency, but it seems that the software need some improvments !
overall, i excepted i bit more than just “a bit less than average”…

Regarding the battery: They say that it is not worse then the ones of other smartphones.

Regarding the camera: Apparently Fairphone is thinking about an upgrade of the camera module (at least Futurezone says so in their article). Also I think that this is really software dependent and subject to improvements. The camera software of the FP2 prototype we had in Vienna was not optimized back then.

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Here you got (original resolution) pictures…

…So you can judge by yourself.

This module is not “close to bad (no details, bad focus)”.


The direct traduction of the test is : Inside and in low light conditions the camera can not convince. Details are little or hardly represented and disappear. Even in daylight, the quality of the images falls below average. The camera revealed a little trouble with the focusing.

Heise.de tested the FP2,
downpoints are the camera (the demo Fotos looking nice for me) and battery life. So i hope i don’t need to buy a second battery. Maybe a battery cover would be great.

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It would be great if an already 11mm(!) Thick phone didnt need another hump to last a solid day…

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Zeit Online now also has a review article: http://www.zeit.de/digital/mobil/2015-12/fairphone-2-modular-test

Which contains the text and pictures from golem.de :wink: