FP2 reports wrong pixel density

My FP2 (latest Firmware 1.5.1) reports a wrong pixel density to the MyPhoneExplorer Software:

Resoulution: 1080 x 1920 / 160ppi
Display Size: 13,8 inch

The pixel density mentioned in the technical sheet is 446 ppi. Therefore the calculated display size is 13,8 inch instead of 5 inch.

I suppose that’s the reason for wrong font sizes (like in Firefox font size setting) and other misbehavior.

Can anybody confirm this?

I observed that /system/build.prop lacks the ro.sf.lcd_density property.

I added it because I usually want a higher density (430 DPI) to see more (Lollipop introduced big blank spaces, I hate seeing less on a 5" screen than what I saw in Gingerbread on a 4" screen)

I can test some specific error you have to check if editing the build.prop solves it, if you want.

I believe this is this known issue:


Ok, the problem is known for a longer time. But why isn’t it possible to correct these values over the time of several firmeware upgrades?

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You’ll have to discuss this with the devs. If I recall correctly there was a fix that made it into beta testing but caused other problems so it didn’t make the final release. But maybe I’m confusing this with some other bug atm.
I’m sure they are still working on it.


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