FP2 replacement SPEAKER (for bottom module)


after replacing the bottom module my loud speaker stopped working after doing some “strange noises” in the beginning.
I fear, that I’ve damaged it and now I’m checking how to replace or repair it.
I didn’t find a source yet for a replacement speaker.
Is anyone aware where I can get a replacement speaker?

Many thanks for your help!


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I recommend you look for a used one in this forum’s market place. This is a part of the bottom module that is technically easier to replace than the “usual suspect” defects like a broken USB port or microphone, and it seems to break less frequently than the afore-mentioned – so I think your odds to find a speaker shouldn’t be so bad. :slight_smile:

If you want, I or a moderator can just move this topic into the market place.


Hi Urs,
yes please - move it to the market place maybe I’m lucky. :slight_smile:


So you dont have your old bottom module to just put that speaker into the new bottom module? If so I have a bottom module with broken mic but working speaker. Here you find a short instruction in how you can replace it, I would just advise to do it less barbaric :wink:


I still have a working bottom module so I would only need to have a working speaker. If I could get your speaker would be perfect for me :slight_smile:
Would you sell the speaker to me and would you mind then sending it to france?

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