FP2 repeatedly corrupts my SD card


I’ve had my FP2 for about a month now. Generally very happy with the phone.

One issue that I’ve run into that’s rather annoying is: The SD card I installed after receiving the phone, a PNY 32GB SD card, keeps being corrupted.

The phone will at times incorrectly tell me the SD card needs to be reinserted, for no apparent reason, yet I can still play downloaded music stored on the SD card and the message disappears as I pull down the notifications menu…

Then at other times it will inform me that the card has been removed, music can’t be played, camera won’t take any pictures, and under Storage I can now see that the SD card has been corrupted.

This happened today at work. I’d listened to music on the phone while walking to work. As I arrived, put it down on my desk and unplugged my headphone. And about an hour later the SD card was corrupt… this time after an automatic unwanted restart.

Is this a known issue?

Is there a fix to this?

Are there any known apps that causes this kind of behaviour/corruption?

How can I avoid having to re-format my SD card every week or so? It is rather annoying.

Best wishes and thanks in advance.


Have you tried a different SD card? If that does not solve your problem, I would suggest to claim warranty at Fairphone support.

Also please check if there is any dirt in the SD card slot.

Hi AudrunGL,
I have had similar issues with a SD card at my FP2 under Lineags OS. I could solve it with the app “SD Maid”. It is worth a try!

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It’s been behaving the last week, but it seems to be mostly a problem if I use Google Play Music app, and other apps that use audio files from the SD card (Syrinscape app, for those in the know).

I did get a “insert SD card” notification yesterday, but once I pressed it and was taken to Storage in settings, it disappeared and the SD card was suddenly not missing.

Could this have something to do with heat? I do notice that the phone gets really hot when using certain apps, and this does seem to correlate with “SD card is missing” messages …

Albert: I have not. I don’t have many SD cards lying about, and those mofos aren’t cheap. but I have been considering buying a larger one, perhaps I should try a different brand and see if that changes things. Regarding that: the phone supports 64GB SD cards, officially. Anyone tested larger SD cards?

Heiner: I got SD Maid, but to be honest, I’m not sure how to use it and what for and what function to run. I’ve seen the tip elsewhere, and perhaps it helps before the card becomes corrupt, it definitely does nothing afterwards. At least it didn’t seem to. Still, thanks for the reply. I’ll look more closely into SD Maid :slight_smile:

I run the Fairphone Free OS, and I keep getting these things asking me to reformat the SD card every time I upgrade. SD Maid doesn’t seem to be in F-Droid. Is there an open source equivalent?

Something similar has been happening to me since the last Fairphone OS update (17.9) - I’m using Android 6.0.1. I had to stop using my Samsung 64GB SD card as my phone wasn’t recognising that. I bought a Lexar one and it was fine, until the Fairphone OS update. It told me it was corrupted, made me reformat it. After that it only recognised it intermittently. Now it won’t recognise it at all. Do I need to buy a 3rd SD card?!

I eventually had to get a new SD card as the one mentioned in this thread ended up completely corrupted.

Bought a SanDisk. Haven’t had any trouble since.

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