FP2 Renaming homescreen / launcher shortcuts and apps

tried to rename shortcuts and apps on my homescreen/launcher, using a FP2 since 2017 with FP OPEN, last update, temporarily rooted (Apps and ADB).

aSQLiteManager (from Andsen) is installed (GPlay via Aurora), didn’t find /data/user/0/com.sec.android.app.launcher/databases/launcher.db (see here: http://www.technik-tipps-und-tricks.de/android-startbildschirmverknuepfungen-umbenennen/), but have found system(root)/data/user/0- >data/data/com.fairphone.fplauncher3/databases/launcher.db and modified 2 shortcuts like it is described above (see url).
Saving (going back with aSQLiteM) and restarting the system didn’t change anything - not on my home-screen and not within my app-drawer.
Same with …fplauncher3/databases/app_icons.db - modified name of 1 icon, no change after restart.
Databases opened again with aSQLM, descriptions (“names”) of shortcuts and app_icons stay changed, but homescreens shows no changes.

Tried to find another launcher.db with fx-filemanager - nothing found.

Any ideas without installing other launchers?

Thanks in advance

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