FP2 rebooted several times, now I can't restart it

Hi everyone,

My FP2 rebooted several times the last weeks (mostly when the battery was around 10%) and now it doesn’t restart not at all.

I tried with an other battery, letting it charging a few hours, connectin to the PC, without SIM-card and without memory-card… Has anyone an other idea witch I could try?


Do you see the notification light come on when you plug it in to charge?

Hi mine crashed two days ago and didn’t want to start. I removed the battery for some time, then after putting the battery back in it started again

No, the phone is like dead. it shows no sign that it charges.

Thanks for your help. I will try to do this.

I let the battery all the night out of the phone and this mirning it restarted! but only for less than a minute :confused:

I will retry to see if it will stay on enought long to reset the phone.

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