FP2 random reboots, support not answering

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a Fairphone 2 for about two months now and I’ve been facing a ton of random reboots.

I’ve tried everything Fairphone Support suggested (checked the OS version, which I keep up to date, tried whithout the SIM card, etc.). Even performed a factory reset whithout installing any new app afterwards. But the problem still occurs and it’s getting worse every day. Some days, it will reboot like ten times, sometimes twice in a row.

My biggest problem is : after a few emails, the Support stopped answering me. I tried creating a new request, but still no answer. I’ve read they’re overwhelmed with requests right now…

Is anyone in the same situation ? What do you think I should do ?

Thanks for your help,




Please do the following:

  • Delete your second request.
  • Update your original request adding IMEI number and order number if you didn’t add them already.
  • Call support and tell them your request number.

I received my Fp2 in september and had a reboot problem, just like you. They sent me an email with several solutions I had to try. It took me four weeks to do all that. It didn’t work. They told me there must be a problem in the motherboard and I had to send it back. In return I received a new phone. But this one has the samen problem. I am sick of it. I want my money back!

Thanks paulakreuzner, as a matter of fact I’ve just noticied my second request has already been deleted bu the Support team. I already had registered my IMEI and order number. I’ll try calling them on monday.

I think I can close this topic now.



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