FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

I have my FP2 since January and it started having random reboots a couple weeks after I first used it. It coincided with me moving to a different country and getting a new sim card with a new number (in addition to my original one). The reboots have no pattern in frequency and reason, sometimes they happen while I’m using the phone and sometimes while I’m not. However, I noticed a marked improvement since I upgraded to Android 6, although they still happen some times (every few days instead of 2-3 times a day). I tried changing 4G to 3G to see if it improves even further. Next step will be to order a new sim card. I will keep you updated of the results.

Hi there!
since the latest patch 17.05.2, my FP2 is now free from random reboots. My phone runs now till 149 hours ~6days 5 hours…
with android 5.X i had random Reboots up to mutiple times a day… not usable for allday use.
On Android 5.X i could reproduce the crashes in 10minutes till 3 hours with watching an mjpeg stream from my 3D printer… (switched stay active in the dev option on) which browser dosn’t matter… No reboots with 17.05.2 anymore :grinning:

with the 17.4.8 I got “black freezes”… the Phone didn’t react till i pressed the Power Button for a long time… ~5-10seconds.
Thats gone with 17.5.2 :grinning:

Greetings Fabian

Edited: Corrected the last sentence: “Thats gone with 17.5.1” to “Thats gone with 17.5.2”

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Fairphone OS 17.05.2 contains updated modem files. It would be interesting to know if they fix those crashes.

I recently update to android 6 and install a 2nd SIM. I have 17.5.2 version.
My issue concern a partial reboot (no need to enter pin code) when I switch from SIM to perform a call. this reboot can occur several time.
Not that the call is launch, my correspondent do not hear me, I do not have access to the call log of the phone for this new call, as if this call were not performed.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Since installing Android 6 the randome reboots gradually disappeared almost completely, even using 4G. Unfortunately my phone has had other issues with the touch screen and is currently being replaced, so I won’t be able to tell about further developments I’m afraid! I hope my next FP2 will be problem-free!

Like reported above, I suffer from random reboots many times a day now. I feel like I’m some kind of beta tester, eventhough I’m not.

Edit: This has started with the two latest updates. I had no problem whatsoever before that.

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I programmed my automation app to dump a logcat to base directory when an unsolicided reboot is detected (normal reboots are precented by a shutdown broadcast which changes the detector state, a crash just turns the phone off without anything).

Now I wonder, considering I often encounter crashes while running a game, how many lines from the last logcat are required?

FP has its own app that reports random reboots: hickup! (Settings > Maintenance)

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In my case, it seems to be a kernel panic:

FP2:/ # cat /proc/last_kmsg
Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in hnterrupt
FP2:/ $

Here is a full cat of /proc/last_kmsg: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b59771715d5eda972bb0ccd0ac0eeb36

Hi Paul,

going to Settings > Maintenance I don’t see any hickup! app. I have two options: Check-up (hardware diagnostics), which contains tests for the screen, drawing, speakers, microphones and connectivity, and a proximity sensor test.

How can I see reports about random reboots?

Thank you in advance for your reply :slight_smile:

There’s a chance Fairphone Open OS doesn’t come with Hiccup, at least it seems it didn’t in December 2016 …


This rebooting issue is really a sad story. I have this problem too AND random behaviour when it comes to battery usage and charging? Are these erratic behaviours a Fairphone issue, or is it common also for other android brands?I’m seriously considering leaving Faiphone, though it grieves my heart.


My FP2 is only a week old, and I’ve already experience twice, that my FP makes random and suddenly restarts, often while I use Facebook via Chrome.
This is quite frustrating. Other that experience these suddenly restarts? And how to prevent it?

There are more people having trouble with facebook.
Try the app ‘tinfoil for facebook’.


Is anyone out there who is using the App “Omni Notes FOSS”?

Since I’m on FP Open 17.09.3 (Android 6 - Marchmallow) I face some reboots when I use this specific App.
Ok there are some random reboots as well, but not as much that I was so annoyed to investigate further or in other cases (like for OsmAnd) it was already discussed in other threads/topics.

Omni Notes is performing a simple task -> taking notes. Ok it is a feature rich app, but note taking still sounds simple to me. I already reinstalled the app from F-Droid and restored my notes via oandbackup but the reboots still occur.

I did not determine any specific pattern when it reboots.
Some examples:

  • when I just save a note
  • after jumping to another note category
  • when I delete a note and it has to reload the still existing in the selected category

When I use it directly after a reboot again it seems to work without any problem.

After some regular use of the phone / when I come back to the app after a while there is a high chance that a reboot will occur again.

I read something about crash reports and that they will be send to faiphone. Someone else already asked this, but is there a way to take a look into these reports as Fairphone owner/user? Of course a normal user will probalby not understand anything in there but eventually I can get an idea of the root cause of the reboot?

Is there any other way to analyze this? E.g. use debug (adb, logcat, …). Is there a good note/topic/wiki article which explains how to use these tools to analyze a reboot?
(If I know the root cause a bit better and if it is the Apps fault, I can also contact the developer -> an italian guy I already contact in the past when he made his app FOSS and provided it via F-Droid)

Had a fairphone 2 now for 24 hours, bought it new. Seriously love the concept behind the phone, don’t love to be an unofficial beta tester though. Hiccup reports 17 crashes within those 24 hours. The phone’s OS is up to date and havent found a pattern between reboots yet. Just switched it to 3G to see if it changes anything.


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My fairphone crashes once an hour since the latest update. Before it was only once a day.
Since I tried literally everything in this forum and also got the complete fairphone and 2 parts (after the complete replacement!) replaced I don’t have any hope left.

I really love the idea and am glad that i could contribute. Now I just live with this very unstable phone and unfortunately can not tell my friends to buy it. I’m sorry fairphone, i’m sure you tried your best :-/


So, after 4 months of waiting (since the battery of the FP1 broke) I received the FP2 finally yesterday. Charged, switched it on, and got a reboot. Ok, let it reboot, and again.
The phone is rebooting every few minutes. Sometimes after 10-15 minutes, sometimes after 1 minute, sometimes during the reboot routine. It doesn’t matter if I’m holding it in my hands, or if it just lies on the table: it reboots every few minutes. It does it with or without a SIM card in it. No SD card tried yet.

I managed to have the updater working on the actual 17.10.1, there are a few apps installed (WhatsApp, Qando (public traffic info)), and an IMAP mailbox is configured and synced in the stock email app. I also disassembled the phone (at least up to the point where tools are needed), checked the pressure of the battery, etc, but nothing helped…

But as it is, the phone is useless at the moment. Needless to say, I’m rather pissed off to be honest.

What can we do? From other threads, it looks like there is no clue about the origins of the reboots (or did I miss something?). But would sending it back and demanding a replacement get me a working device?

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Does it reboot without its shell as well?


In your case, I’d make sure it’s not a software issue (it doesn’t seem like one, but you never know). What I’d do is try a factory reset first.
If you’re a bit tech-savvy and feel comfortable doing so, you can try to reflash the OS image through TWRP or even fastboot.
If none of that helps, it’s definitely a case for warranty replacement.
I’m pretty positive that sending it back will help.
As there seem to be a lot of open tickets currently, you can call them a few days after opening the ticket if you haven’t got a response from them by then. Calling them speeds up the whole process, it seems.