FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Interestring. Hope Fairphone will communicate more explicitly about that.

They didn’t yet mentionned this in software issue report.

Users can wait for a fix… if it is software related… but if it as an hardware issue, Fairphone have to tell us.

@keesj ?

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At the beginning, mine rebooted from time to time, always at night. Now the reboots stopped completely since I turned 4G off.

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Only 2G so far since I got my FP2 (testing how long battery lasts in standby) about a week ago. No reboot yet.

Update: turning off 4g in sim slot 2 reduced reboots by about factor 3 to about 1 reboot a day, what is what I could live with for now.

Next step: I will change sim cards and go up to 4g in sim slot one with my data sim.

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I am using my new FP2 for 5 days and till now I had one automatic reboot while a call was coming in. I was on my way to accept it but FP2 rebooted before I could touch it. I have only one SIM and turned off 4G now. See what happens …

@alexisju: We are aware of the reboot(s) and are working on a fix. It is always hard to determine if something is a hardware or software problem. Sometimes even it is necessary to implement a software fix for a hardware problem.

In this case we think there are different things causing the reboots and this makes finding the problem really hard. We have identified one thing that clearly causes erratic behaviour (memory corruption) and have been working on a fix for that in the last couple of weeks. This should result is way better behaviour and allow us to better identify other cases of reboots.


Hi everyone!

A week of use for me… and I have the same symptoms like Jon1.
My FP2 device restarts randomly and anywhere:
Recording a video or shooting pictures, Viewing website, Viewing or writing a message, By phone call (!), …

  • Or simply doing absolutely nothing (!).

This is very very unpleasant for a expensive device (525 EUR)

Is there a way to view the error LOGS to identify the causes of these unwanted ans very annoying reboots ?

Thanks a lot folks,

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No. I have my FP2 for “1 week, 4 days, 16 hours”. No random reboot so far.


H, I have my fairphone now for a bit more than a month. The reboots occur without any regularity and already occurred when I first turned it on, not having any new apps installed. Before a reboot starts, the screen freezes and does not react to any tipping, A few seconds later the phone reboots. The reboots mostly occur when using a program,like navigation, camera or any app. So, I can say in general it occurs more frequently when being in use, let’s say it reboots about 5 to 6 times a day, some days it reboots more often. But I also observed reboots when the phone was not in use, like for instance during the night as I had to type in the pin in the morning.
I changed my sim card, but that did not change the problem. I also reset the phone to its factory defaults settings in hope that might solve the problem. Right after starting the phone for the first time after resetting, the screen froze and shortly afterwards a reboot occured. So, that could also not help fixing the problem.
I also contaced the support team. Untill now, I do not have any response. I hope they can fix the problem soon.


I just got another random reboot, the phone was charging and at 100%. I’m going to try an hard reset while waiting for feedback from support.

I understand. I guess you (fairphone) understand too that is a (very) critical issue for people who have this problem.

What i can note :

  • (Des)activating 4g network mode doesn’t change nothing
  • Logcat are not explicit about the reboot cause (no fatal issue, no systematic error messages at crash/reboot)
  • In my case, connecting the FP2 at a power source increase greatly the number of reboots (around once / hour). During an afternoon to monitoring my device via adb to save the log when it reboot, i never had so much reboots. (Usually, when my battery is 100% charged, i plug off the device, and the random reboots are less common).
  • I yet had no one reboot during almost a week… but this days is more frequent… and so annoying.

I have the same problem.
My FP2 reboots it self once a day usually when charging the battery.

I have about 1 reboot/week, but once I had 4 reboots within a day.


  • During night while charging (most of the time)
  • Laying around on the desk (sometimes)
  • During browsing (once)
  • During navigation (once)


  • 1 normal SIM in Slot 1
  • Encrypted Memory
  • 64Gb SD card (but reboots also occurred before I inserted it)

Other observations:

  • After rebooting, my screen is often oversensitive until I entered my lock-pattern. After that it behaves normal.
  • A wired sounds (some kind of stuttering) can be heard, after reboot and before I enter my lock-pattern.
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The situations are the same as yours:

  • Tonight I was waked 2 times by the sound the phone makes when waiting to input the decryption code / sim unlock. I am however glad it makes this sound, else I would have missed my alarm clock.
  • Already had a reboot on my desk today (and it’s only 10:48 yet)

I use 2 sims:
1 with 4G in slot1
1 only calls/texts in slot2
I have a 32gb Sandisk ultra micro SD card installed.
I’ve also encrypted my phone.

As not everybody is experiencing these problems, is it smart to contact FP and inform and open a support case already? There are poeple in this thread that got their phone exchanged.

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Maybe it’s related to encryption?

I had two reboots so far (in 6 weeks), so that’s no problem for me. (one of them was during very heavy cpu load, one during doing “nothing” ;))

  • SIM1: SMS/Calls
  • SIM2: 4G
  • 64 GB SanDisk MicroSD
  • not encrypted
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mine wasn’t any better either encrypted or not.

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Same for me: No encryption, lots of crashes…

Out of curiosity - is anyone runing the OpenSource version of FPOS experiencing the reboots?


I have the same issues. The Fairphone 2 reboots several times a day -> often 5 or 6 times in a row (i hardly can do more than entering the PINs for my two SIM Cards).
I use two SIMs (both Calls) and no MicroSD. No encryption.
Could it be a problem with Bluetooth maybe? I also have the problems with playing music/podcasts via Bluetooth on my car radio -> ever 2 secondes there is a short interruption.

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Hi all, I received my fairphone 2 a few days ago, and mine can also reboot several times a day. I don’t know exactly how many, as I don’t spend my all day watching it.
I use 2 SIM card, only one for data. I hope a fix will be provided soon by OTA upgrade.
Apart from that, I love my fairphone 2


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