FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Just my two cents. I cannnot confirm the following statement (it is just an observation), but I’m curious to know if I’m the only one to have detected the same behavior or not :

I own one of these crashing-at-least-once-a-day-or-two fairphone. Until now it was a bit annoying (mainly because fairphone open take an eternity to boot (~5minutes for my phone !!)) but I do not take the time to try anything.

It begin to change with the previous upgrade (the v.16.07). Before it, my fairphone randomly freeze and I must manually push the power button >10s to hard-reboot it. After the 16.07, it continues to crash but at least my fairphone reboot by itself. I worried less about the lifetime of the button.

But, since the 16.08 update last week… tadaaam no crash at all. Yes, your read it! So I do not know if fairphone (or android) team fix the one thing causing my phone crashing or if it’s just astral alignment or god intervention, but it seems to be fixed for me know. Anyone else experiencing the same freedom?

Disclaimer/test: in fact I cannot confirm the 16.08 upgrade solves my problem, because I only realize today I’ve pass a week without crash. It may have been resolved by something else. In the mean time, for example, I stop using muzeo app. May my previous crash be linked to this app?

In my case 16.08 have made no difference. I have a google free OS (no gapps). That saves alot of time when it reboots. For me it takes just 20-30 secs when it reboots until I can use it again so it’s not something that makes me wait. The reboots itself is still very annoying though, especially as its not connected to using a specific app but simply using the phone with the screen turned on.

One thing that would greatly help would be to read some kind of error log. I guess the ver few last entries before reboot could give a clue. Its possibly even the absolute last one before reboot which could lead the way to finally get a clue of what is making these reboots happen.

Is there any good logger that can manage to do this? To have a constant logging going on all the way until the moment the phone hangs and then keep this info until I have read it?

Such a logger is included in the 2 latest beta versions and - I believe - has brought FP a lot of information already. You can always apply for beta testing if you want to help more.

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That sounds very promising. Beeing part of the beta would be fun. I do however feel that my Android-knowledge is limited. I go bust on simple stuff as: Explain adb so that a child can understand.

Hello there, the first post in this thread is more detailed, but I add this link to the relevant support article anyway: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/214618323-My-Fairphone-2-restarts-without-any-reason-Random-reboots


I solved my random reboots. I had several reboots a day and now one or two in two months. For me the problem was a loose contact of the battery. It was hard to reproduce but it seems that the power connection just broke now and then.
I fixed it by putting a little bit of paper in the battery slot so that the battery sits very tight. Since then there are no more random reboots except very very rarely as is normal for a smartphone.
Although this might not solve the problem for everyone maybe there is someone for whom it is the solution. I can upload a picture later but the trick is really to make the battery to sit tight.
Hope this helps!


Finally official acknowledgement! :slight_smile: Thanks! Will try and test specifically for your questions! although it will be quite cumbersome to test these specific situations long enough, since the reboots are so “random”…

New FP Open OS version - same old reboots.
For me no difference. I have got an answer on my support ticket finally. However no solution or no nothing. Just a question asking me to hold on and wait until they have an answer to why this is happening on some phones…

Just for statistics:
Since 1.7.0, my wife has reboots she didn’t have before…

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Iam following this thread a few month now, because with my FP (running OpenOS) I had also a lot random reboots every day. They occured only during charging and most times at a battery level about 80-90%. I tried 5 different charger without sucess.
The state of WiFi, mobile data (3G/4G), bluetooth or GPS didnt make a difference in my case. Also it didnt matter wether the screen was turned on or off.

Last saturday (01.10.) I updated my phone to 16.09.0. Since I did this update I dont have any random reboot yet. Iam using same apps and same charger as before. So I guess this update solved my reboots anyhow.
I will continue to observe it and write it here if the random reboots will appear again (hope not :wink:).

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I do find Fairphone’s lack of interest on the whole rebooting issue a concern.

I put in a support request 20 days ago and not had anything back from them.

I really want to like and support Fairphone but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

Slightly encouraged by the post about a replacement mother board.


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As far as I can tell from what I read in the beta section of the forum it’s the number one issue they are working on.

Support is swamped unfortunately. It’s getting better, but it still often takes them a long time to reply.
But don’t expect an answer from support to provide you with any information about this issue that you can’t find here on the forum.


That is nice to hear, but it certainly is not communicated that way! As far as I know the post from @anon73900052 (post #385), is the first official acknowledgement of the issue.

Hi all,

I’ve a fresh install of Fairphone OS 1.8.1 (latest version) via ADB sideload. The phone freezes and restarts randomly by using Pokemon Go and Whats App. This happens with some other apps from Google PlayStore as well but it happens most of the time with these two apps.

No, the phone is not connected to a charger!

Is there a way for me to access a log file to identify the issue for this behaviour? This became strange since the latest update to 1.8.1!


You can join the beta testers. There is a kind of crash reporter included in the beta version.

Currently, the stable version feels like an alpha release, so no, I am not interested to get bothered by my phone more then right now.

I was happy with spending more money for my new phone, because it’s fair trade. But I was not expecting a product with a bunch of “childhood illnesses”. :confused: This starts with the charger bug and ends with freezes and random restarts. As for now FP2 is a failure software/hardware product.


So my new FP2 after fully updating started having random restarts, mainly noticed when used as GPS (screen, GPS, 4g all on)

Took my screen on and off and then it was having real issues, restarting all the time really having a hard time of life

Realised on closer inspection the screen wasn’t quite pushed fully down even though the clips were closed - taking it back off and properly back on again removed the real sketchy behaviour. If your phone is mega freaking out maybe try this! Could be bad connection between the two parts…

Still getting a restart most days I’m using heavily, once the exact moment I took a photo, often with FB messenger bubble open…

My FP2 also restarts quite often, like 4 times a week. Especially when GPS is on (google maps). I hope this will get better with the next update.

Months are gone by, but still, after few updates of the system the phone keep resetting it self, for no reasons!
Sometimes, after it get back alive, the screen doesn’t even work. I can’t actually use the phone. So i have to reset it again manually!

Of course this occurred a great lose of battery, and time, and increase the daily stress.

So, I would just like to know: there is actually something that can be done for this issue or no?!