FP2 Proximity Sensor Badly Placed for Left-Handed Use

FP2 Proximity sensor is in top-left corner, and cannot detect an object placed centrally over the top of the phone, or on the top-right corner of the phone.

As a result, left-handed use, where the ear tends to the top-right of the phone due to natural orientation of use, is rarely detected by the proximity sensor.

I have confirmed using the sensor readout app that the proximity sensor is working, and exhibits very specific locality to the top-left corner of the display.

The only work-around for left-handed use seems to be to install an in-call screen-lock app, so that you can’t accidentally touch the phone with ear/cheek and have it do all sorts of things you don’t want it to.

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Short press on the power button would also turn the screen off, with a second short press it will be turned on again.

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If I remember right, all my phones so far had the proximity sensor at the left upper side.
Since I am a “lefty” myself, I almost exclusively use my phones at my left ear but never had any problems, same with my FP2.

Maybe my ears have grown bigger with time :wink:
The little app WaveUp has a feature to vibrate when sth. comes near the proximity Sensor. You could use it to accommodate your phone calling physics to the sensor location.

But the workaround described by @TobiasF is simple and convenient.

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