FP2 price at 399€ / 24% discount (It contains 24mg of gold!)

When a company reduce the price of a product, there are always going to be unhappy customers who have just purchased the item right before the price reduction went live.

You win some, you lose some. I feel your pain though. Been various times at the short end of the stick.

On a general note and FWIW if it is still within 2 weeks of purchase you might be able to contact customer support of a product to get the (or a) discount. Especially if you haven’t used the product you got a strong case because you have the right to notice the company within 2 weeks that you wish to return the item.


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Memolife.de is at 399,- euro again as well.
And they still offer the transparent cover with an additional cover.

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20 chars abracadabra

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