FP2 price at 399€ / 24% discount (It contains 24mg of gold!)

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I just found out that you can get a 24% off a Fairphone 2 now. The discount code can be found at the bottom of this website:

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Just a reminder:
The offer at 399.00 Euros from memolife in Germany is still valid as well.

You even can order a transparent cover and get a second one for free.
Check the costs for (international) delivery on this page:

You have to scroll to the bottom of the page, there you 'll find a discount code. It works, I bought a phone last week and had to pay just about 400€


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The code doesn’t work for me today: I get “Sorry, this discount code has expired.” No expiry date us mentioned in the webpage above. Possibly it’s because I’m located in France?

No, it is not about the location. I read somewhere here in this forum, that this offer is limited til the end of November.
The special-price at memolife.de - 399.- - is over as well. They sell it at 499.00 euro again.

I’d wait a while with buying an FP2 right now… notsayingmore


A couple of days at least.


Good day!
The Fairphone 2 product page mentions a discount code

To raise awareness about gold in smartphones, we’re offering 24% off your new Fairphone 2. Use the discount code DGCXFP2 at checkout.

but the checkout page says " * Sorry, this discount code has expired." when using this code. Is this a technical failure or is the product page not updated?
Regards :slight_smile:

This is correct. However, perhaps well-informed sources know something :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would definitely wait a few days.


Aaand it’s official: Fairphone 2 is 399€ (excl. shipping) from now on (all colours):



One obviously does not have to understand that kind of price-policy.
Offering a special discount — returning to the old price — just to drop it even below the special discount only 4 days later.
That most likely will make for some really sad customers, that ordered during the last three days.
But maybe they will apply the new price to them as well.

For the resellers, of course, that’s a heavy blow.
The cheapest one I found is selling it at about 455,- € in France only.
In other shops it’s 499,- Euros or more.


Vireo is at 399€ as well

399€ now here as well, thank you very much for the infos!

Repairing the core module is cheaper now, too, respectively … was 380 EUR-ish total, is now 223,43 EUR total.

Vireo also reduced the price for the core module, but not as much currently, from about 330 EUR before to 275 EUR excl. shipping


So I obviously was a bit early/fast with checking the reseller-homepages. :grin:
Still “vireo” seems to be the only reseller having adjusted the price already.

Well, I bought mine 2 months ago, so why not a discount for all FP 2 owners. We have supported FP with the full price. :wink:


As do all buyers now, if the cheaper price is the new full price :wink: .
But I get what you mean … it’s not nice buying something and finding out relatively soon that the price went down significantly, but that happens to other goods as well.