Fp2 parts giveaway (SWE)

I have several parts to give away:
2 bottom modules (microphone) in unknown condition
1 camera module (original from 2016)
1 screen module (with a few cracks, but working)

Can be posted anywhere for postage.

Erik Schrammel


What do you mean when you say you have a bottom module (microphone) to give away? Do you mean the whole module, or just the microphone part?
I’m having a few issues with my usb connector, so I’d be keen to get my hands on a new bottom module so I can charge and connect correctly again without fiddling with the cables for 5 minutes.

I’ll hear it from you. Tackar!!

Oh, sorry, I just wanted to clarify which module it was. It is indeed whole module. I don’t think that there are any issues with the USB-connector, but I am not entirely sure.

Where are you situated? Sweden or elsewhere?



Yes I am located in Uppsala, Sweden.

It’s always worth a try if it makes it better, I guess :slight_smile:

(Maybe a new microphone can be good too. I made some recordings yesterday and it sounded awful :p)

I’ll hear it from you!

// Reinier


I woud be interested in the screen :slight_smile: mine has no cracks but a whole 1cm frame on the left that is not working (touchscreen). I’d rather have cracks than this unresponsive and annoying frame.

I live in Uppsala too, maybe we could share the shipment fees @uniquenospaces :wink:


Sure haste!
I have a new screen that I am selling as well. I replaced the screen because I thought there was something wrong with it, but it was the core module that was the issue.

Either I send you the one with small cracks in the corner (but functioning) for shipping cost only (share with @uniquenospaces if you want :wink: )

Or, I send you the new screen for €60 + shipping.
See New screen FP2 (SWE)

Hi @uniquenospaces,
I am sorry but I settled with a fairphone angel in the Netherlands who wanted to buy the old bottom modules. He send me pm.
But I still have a bottom module that I bought just a few months ago (to replace the old ones), but almost didn’t use it because it turned out my core module was broken :frowning:
It’s yours for €10 + shipping if you want it.

Sure thing!
@haste As soon as you have decided with @escramble if you want the cracked or new screen, I would be fine with sharing shipping :slight_smile:

Did you see my other message @uniquenospaces? Really sorry about that, but the upside about the bottom part thah I am selling rather that giving away is that the microphone really works.

The one with the cracks will be fine :slight_smile: it’s for my testing FP2 that I have UT installed and I need that edge in order to pop out the dock. :smile:

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