[FP2 owner] Poll: which favourite color? Black or beautiful? ;)

Hi FP2 owners,

I’m just interested in which color you ordered your FP2 and why – e.g. the (semi) transparent ones…

… or just the neutrally black one?

Thanks for your feedback! :smile:

Let’s make a poll:

Which back cover colour have you ordered with your Fairphone 2?

  • black matte
  • black translucent
  • blue matte
  • blue translucent
  • transparent

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I had a hard time deciding between transparent and blue translucent. But in the end blue won, because I really like the tone.
Do you guys still remember the first game boy? It was at some point in available in different colors, and also in transparent. My cousin got one for christmas and of course never let me play, and my parents were against stuff like that. That was the first thing I had to think about when I saw the different colors. So it’s a dream finally come true! :sob: :wink:


Thanks for your participation in the poll – and for your “very old” :wink: anecdote.

… but I just did it! Ordered the “black matte” one – just not to be a typical FP2 owner. Haha!

And my loved & lovely two years young “First Edition” with its spider look? – It will get a second chance :slight_smile:🇩🇪 Fairphone-“Baschtler” in (Südwest-) Deutschland? (see my photo there with the new spare parts).

But now it’s tea time – offline!