FP2-OS internal storage is called SDcard while actual SDcard is called 98129640

Hello there! Few months ago, I think, FP2 developed the option to use internal storage as “SD card”… I don’t know exactly how… or why… or if it’s only me. Before that update, it was easy to understand the partitions of my phone: Emulated, 0 and SD card. Now, I in Storage I have: Self (empty), Emulated (seems empty, although it’s not) and 98129640 (which is my actual sd card!?!). I also have “sdcard” folder (which is the internal partition!! and not my actual sdcard). In addition, this folder seems to be copied in “storage/emulated/0”, even if Amaze says “storage/emulated/” it’s empty. Anyone knows how to go back to the old version? I mean to just have “storage/emulated/0” (internal storage) and “SD card/” (external storage)?


I think that’s all pretty standard Android behavior (since Android 6)

Here on Lineage OS (Android 7) Amaze shows the internal SD as “Storage” and my external SD as “E6E8-4495”. The standard Lineage OS file browser shows them as “FP2” and “sdcard1”.

So you could try to find a file browser that displays them by different names or even let’s you choose names. I haven’t found a way to rename them in Amaze.


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