FP2 Open OS VS FP2 1.3.6

I’m trying to decide what OS to stick with…

For those who have used both (and baring in mind that I would install a minimal version of OpenGapps to use some of the functionnalities of google apks) which one is better for you?

I just tried FP Open OS, it is great and fast!

I just miss some paid apps of PlayStore and I don’t really want to “pollute” Google-Service free OS by installing Gapps.

So for me, it is very great but I just need something to add paid-apps, like Raccon (unfortunately right now it is not working).

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FP2 1.3.6 :wink:

Just less trouble if you want to use applications that use the Google framework. Because it will work. Debugging why some half-installed Google stuff is not working is pretty advanced and you will run into problems with “Google depending” apps soon or later, depending on how much services you have installed to begin with.

Maybe you could point out what functionalities/applications you need?

You can work around the GAPPS using “mircoG” but these workarounds need to be understood, so you know what to do if they stop working. Only useful if you do not really depend on google depending apps.

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I’m using FP Open OS with opengapps nano. Works great, play store runs without hassle. I have some paid apps, all without problems


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