FP2 old parts (still working) : top and bottom modules, battery, slim case

My FP2 (one of he first 17,418) is not working anymore because of a display/core problem.
However, before this problem, the other parts worked fine, so I am giving them away if anybody needs them :

  • bottom module (microphone)
  • top module (selfies)
  • battery (needs daily recharging)
  • turquoise slim case (with a slight crack at the bottom corner)

I can send them anywhere if you pay for the mail fare.

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@Yann.A your chance :slight_smile:

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Amazing :slight_smile: Thanks Celine and Urs for the tag!


Do you still have the display and core modules? I’d be interested in them so I could a) use them as a battery shipping system and b) take them apart and investigating further :slight_smile:.


Are you getting rid of the entire thing, OP? I help people repair their Fairphones, and I’d be interested in that display, even if it’s broken - I can attempt a repair and hold on to it until someone needs it. Same for the core module, if only for use as a test bench or source of spare parts.


Sorry, in the meanwhile I gave away most of the parts… All I have left is the top module (working) and the old display (not working).

On a “first-come” basis, I could send the display to gapintheclouds if you are interested in it even without the core module ?

Dear celine,
I’d like to have the top module since the speaker of my fairphone is sounding really awful while making a call.
greetings Stephan

I Stephan,
Sure, I can send you the top module. Are you OK to pay for shipping (probably less than 3 euros) ? If so, let me know your address, and I will arrange shipping next monday.

Dear Celine,
sure I’m ok to pay for it! :slight_smile:
Ill send you my address.
best regards