🇬🇧 🇩🇪 FP2 off. Can’t get it on again! FP2 aus. Geht nicht wieder an!

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to open a WhatsApp - message, there my FP2 went off!!
And I can‘t get it on again!!!

Is battery charged? What does the phone LED say, when you plug your phone into charger? When it blinks red, no wonder your phone doesn’t start and leave it plugged in for a while, same if it lits red.


There was NO light.
Wether I pluged in or not.

Now, after one day ( I used my old phone) it works again!!!

… ?

With the camera I have a similar history; sometimes it opens sometimes it does not …

Did you charge your phone battery in the meanwhile or do you mean you could just simply turn it on again without charging and just out of sudden it works again?

Hi herosbest,
maybe your battery was “low” charged . How do you charge your phone (powerbank, power socket, usb to pc, etc.) and do you use a “power manager” app ? I will try to change the battery and contact the support for the “broken” one.

Without charging!

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