FP2 not working in The Netherlands


I have been 4 times this year in The Netherlands (twice for one day, for a week and for 2 weeks). Three times the FP did not lock in the the local mobile network. Once it locked in sometimes, sometime not.

My provider is Vodafone Germany. In other coutries I have no problems - e.g. Belgium. And when I put my SIM card in an another mobile phone there are no problems.

Any clou what the problem is?

TIA, Christoph

Are you using two SIMs?

This summer a number of FP users visited The Netherlands and I joined them for one day. I do not remember anybody having problems with the network.

Hi Albert,

I used only the 1st SIM slot. My daughter told me she has two different slots in their mobile (differrent brand - I do not know which). So I changed to the 2nd slot but just last Saturday. Tomorrow I’m in The Netherlands again and give it a try.

Regards, Christoph

This would be strange, but maybe Vodafone only offers roaming on specific network types? Then you can try changing the mobile network settings which say which of the cards you have in the phone should only use 2G or 2/3/4G networks?

I am using an FP2 with a German and a Dutch SIM card (blau.de and limesco.nl). Both of them work fine in both the Netherlands and in Germany.

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