FP2 not perceiving it is charging and turning off

I have a FP2 since the begining of june,

I have noticed this problem since a few months but lately it has become more problematic.

The issue: sometimes when I charge the FP2, the battery icon doesnt switch to charging mode, and if i don’t check it, the phone dies. If I reboot the phone, then it starts charging. This is problematic at night because I always charge my phone every night and fall asleep but sometimes I am on duty and need to be reachable any time. Also the alarms don’t wake me up in the morning if the phone is off.

It happens also sometimes, once it is charged and I unplug it, the charging icon stays on, also resolves itself when I reboot the phone.

I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this problem
Can anyone Help?


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