FP2 noise at startup

My FP2 makes a loud ticking noise when starting up, when it asks for the PIN from the user. Last night the phone randomly rebooted and the ticking noise woke me up. Is there some way to disable this noise?

I am not too sure if this makes it go away, but have you tried to turn your media sound off? (When you click the louder/quieter button on the side, there is a little arrow down next to the sound bar, which shows you the other two sound bars for media and your alarm.)
I hope this helps!

Nö, that is the encryption pin request. As far as I know, there’s no way to disable this.

I can’t try myself just now whether playing back this sound would be rerouted at this point, but what about connecting headphones for the night?
Or better still … try to get rid of random reboots with the #rebootsguide

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Turning down the media volume seems to do the trick!

Thanks, Veronika.


Yeah, I should probably try a different charger, since this tends to happen during charging.

Rats, I spoke too early. I was woken up by the sound again this night. Perhaps the ticking only starts after a while? I’ll try the other options now, or will start charging my phone in the bathroom of my studio… the rebooting does seem related to charging.

I tried the Silent Boot app, and it doesn’t work against this.

Tried using Smart Lock to get rid of the PIN request in trusted locations. Doesn’t work either.

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