FP2: No mobile data after disconnect from WiFi


I’m experiencing a strange error with my FP2. Sometimes when I’m leaving a WiFi area and my phone disconnects, it does not connect to mobile data. It does not help to switch on and off mobile data to get it back to work. Neither does switching off WiFi or toggling flight mode. The only thing that I’ve found out to work is if I go into settings -> mobile networks -> network operators, then search and choose my network operator. Obviously, this is very tedious. Does anybody have a similar problem or even a fix?

Background: I have two SIMs in my phone, but mobile data only activated on SIM 1. I have updated to the latest update (1.3.6) but the error existed before as well.

Since about two weeks I experience the same Problems. Before all worked proper. I have to activate flight Mode or Reboot the phone to cope with it. It’s annoiing to do this several times a day. Any new ideas?

Nope, no new ideas from me, but since the last update (1.4.2) I can also get rid of it by toggling flight mode, that was not possible before. I guess that’s an improvement?

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