FP2 no longer supporting the "Here we Go" App?

I was using “Here we Go” on my FP2 for years without problems.
I’ve updated to the last Version of Android 10 for FP2 without changing the the “Here we go” app and the corresponding maps of Germany.
But now I get a notification : “Keine Routen mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln verfügbar / No routes available with public transport” witch worked before.
When I’m looking for the new version of “Here we Go” Version 4.7.000 - from Feb 13,2023 , I get the message: “This app is not available for any of your devices”
Any ideas?
Thanks, Achim

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A wild guess:

Check System > Maintenance > Enhanced hardware features, check if any of the features are not activated yet and just try if activating them makes a difference (don’t forget to reboot to make the new features really work).

If I remember correctly its not even visible in the Playstore on the FP2!?

The new version is visible in the Playstore, but the answer is: " * This app doesn’t work on your device"
So I have to work with my old version, with the disadvantage that the public transport info is no longer loaded. A small circle at the bottom left is constantly rotating, when I choose “public transport”.
The old Version is 2.0.15189

I fear this is the case. Out of interest, I checked using /e/ on a FP2 and the Aurora store. There, the app is available (maybe compatibility filters aren’t applied, or are applied differently) and I installed it without problems.

However there are major issues with the screen, whenever it is redrawn, bits of it start flashing. I found that I could achieve a stable display by going to the OS “home” screen (round system navigation button) and then immediately returning to the app.

Driving and public transport directions seem OK but you’d be plagued by the display issues.

I use my FP2 with lineage 18 and cannot use "Here we Go"any more, because of the flashing of the screen. First I thought my Display is defect. But on my 2. FP2 there was the same Problem. Meanwhile I have removed the App and use OSmand , Googlemaps or other Apps for Navigation.

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