FP2 new USB-C bottom module new batch [SORRY, ordering closed]

Unfortunately on some of the modules, USB data transfer only works in one orientation, charging works in both. This is caused by a PCB defect, but it doesn’t impact the functionality of the module in any meaningful way, if you think about it, the original module also only did USB transfer in one orientation. I still QC every module individually.


As the guy who ordered and assembled the PCBs for Leo, I think I also have to say something :wink:

Leo did a great work on the PCB-Layout. It was a little bit difficult to find all these fair manufactured parts (3 different distributors for 8 different Parts) but at the end I have a bottom module that works very well :slight_smile: (I can use it since a few weeks without any problems :wink: ).
That the USB transfer of some of the modules works only in one orientation is my fault. I saw the mistake too late after I send the first PCBs to Leo. If someone need both orientations and have soldering skills, I can tell you how to fix it.

In regard to the topic if there will be a second charge of bottom modules, I can say that the amount of work for one module is ok, but the quantity of PCBs is not to be sneezed at. I needed about 7 min per PCB in average. That is not much but 7 min times 164 PCBs… And then Leo has to do the 3D-printing, assembling, packaging and the distribution to you. So I guess it is very fair, when Leo will get some break :wink:
Maybe in 2 or 3 months together with the angels and when the request is high enough… :wink:


Thanks for putting your name to the enterprise, I wondered who the other people may be. :om:


These 14 shipments are going out on tuesday, still all german orders, EU/international is a bit more complex.


I am very sad to see this post so late. Would have loved to order the module. If you decide to to go through this process again, I’ll be happy to be part of a second batch and help in any way I can.


I suspect that there will be quite a few leftovers that I will sell regularly, it might take a few weeks/a month, is that an option for you? If you are hardcore enough, I can provide you all the files and you can make your own, either by ordering the PCBs or even making them yourself.


I assume it’s still acceptable for most users as the main reason for going with USB-C was durability (maybe compatibility with only one charger type) and not mainly having the option for dual orientation, I see this as an extra plus (if it works for one).
Anyway respect for all efforts from you and the ones involved! :clap:


Out of pure curiousity: Does this only mean that you cannot transfer data both ways simultaneously, or does it mean that it only ever works in one direction, i.e. always just from phone to computer or always just from computer to phone?


No, it means the connector has to be in one orientation for any data transfer to work, but then it of course works both ways.


Hey Leo, I can only second the post of Lordofmist: If there will be the slight chance in the future, to purchase one of your bottom modules, I would be super excited to get one. Thank you for your tremendous work and effort.


I am also still interested in any leftovers. I noticed this thread/forum too late :frowning:


I got my module and case now. It works wonderfully!!! And the feel is good, comfortable, wonderful grunge look. The UBS-C is really an improvement. I absolutely love my “FP2 2.0” :slight_smile:


These 20 packages (with 27 modules) get shipped out today. And with that all packages to german customers are out. I still have a lot left, I will keep you updated.

The user schuetzin also did a small instruction how she transfered the speaker and vibration motor, somewhat barbaric but she was able to do it without torx screwdrivers.

FP2_Leo_module_add_loudspeaker_and_vibrator.pdf (305.0 KB)


Hi Leo,
I would like to sign up for any bottom modules you’ll sell in the future.
Thanks for all your effort!

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Hello Leo, the module arrived today and everything fits and works. Thank you very much for all the work. You saved the life of my FP2.
Now you just have to tell me how I can compensate you for the effort and where the compensation should go :wink:


Hi Leo,
I’m interested in a module as well as a case, whenever you are making them.

Best regards and thanks for the work =)

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Hi mxw and welcome to the community

I hope you are aware that’s a bit presumptuous :slight_smile: and maybe a big ask. :pray:

What is wrong with the bottom module, have you considered a repair?

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Hi, thank you amoun.
I am indeed new to the community. I have been going through two used bottom modules quite quickly, so I thought I’d give these a shot. What kind of people is this thread for?
If my order is presumptous, I am of course willing to take it back.
What kind of repair would you suggest instead? Use Fairphone’s service to send in my device? Or try repairing the bottom module myself?

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This is for people who want to get a hold of a replacement part, even though FP ran out of them and are willing to put in some work (You need to assemble parts yourself, but it is doable).

Repair is always much better than recycling, so I suggest repairing your module or possibly waiting till the end and maybe getting a module that is left over from the preorders.

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There’s nothing to take back, i was saying it’s presumptuous to think Leo will want to make another batch. :woozy_face:

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