FP2 Mobile Data use in Israel not working

Hi all :slight_smile:

I am in Israel currently and my FP2 doesn’t connect to the internet on mobile data.
Even thought it says that it receives 4G?

SMS and calls are working fine.

Two SIM cards are inserted right now, but even with just the one, it doesn’t work.

Mobile Data, roaming is on, preferred SIM card is set, tried a few different APN’s…

What could it be?

Thank you,

4G connection seems fine, but it’s not logging you in to the network. It’s redirecting you to a log-in page, but the server on which that page is located is responding that the log-in service isn’t available (this communication could explain part of the data you’ve actually used, but of course the connection is otherwise pretty useless).

If your network normally doesn’t require a login/first time setup procedure:

  • Double check your APN for login details. Check your provider’s website or the SMS with service settings that they usually send when the SIM is activated. If user/password is not specified, make sure the fields are left empty. You mention that SMS is working: there’s usually a way of requesting the configuration SMS again, if you didn’t receive it or if you want to reset then APN to the settings recommended by your provider.
  • Try a 3G connection instead to be sure that this isn’t some weird two-tier network thing
  • Check with your provider whether your data plan has been activated.

If they do require going through a login procedure, check with them whether there are any issues with that service.

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