FP2: MicroSIM adapter broke SIM card slot pin

Same again wrecked both sim slots. Repair kit please !!!

I have the same problem. How can I fix it?

I encountered the same problem, and at the end of February discovered the roaming and SIM-slot 2 problem the hard way (in the arrivals lounge in Bangkok).
So when I returned home because of the problems with roaming I asked a couple of local repair shops if they could fix it, both said they could not as the damage meant they were unable to microsolder new contacts on and they cannot get spares.
I have asked support both twice over the past six weeks whether it is possible to get spares, and have not received a reply.
Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the sim slots, and if so where to get the necessary part(s)?

I just realized I have the same problem as you do. How did you guys solve this, or did you possibly get an answer from the support team? As I’m currently travelling I’m kimd of im trouble since I can’t use slot 2 without the phone going crazy…

I managed to do a self-repair. If you look at the red circle on the picture, there is a small metallic surface on it that’s connected to the broken pin. So I carefully soldered a small copper wire on it and carefully inserted the SIM card. It “works”, but I’m afraid to move the SIM card because the wire might fly off. But I’ve had it like that since late January without any issues at all.

If someone has a better solution, please share!

I did get an official reply from support, as stated in my original post. They said it’s not possible to replace the SIM slots, they go together with the main board, and also they’re not removable. They told me to do a self-repair if possible, but unfortunately the main board is now out of warranty and I can’t have it replaced.

Though, given how many people seem to damage their phones the exact same way, I think it should maybe be considered a FP2 defect at this point. IMHO using a nanoSIM with a microSIM adapter is part of intended usage.


I found the problem was fixed by the Fairphone software upgrade (I
discovered the Issue in South East Asia and am currently visiting the
Netherlands with a SIM working in my only useable slot - slot 2). My
phone is at Fairphone OS 1.4.2 level.

I am unsure from what you say whether you have a working SIM in slot 1
as well as slot 2, if so this may be a new problem, when I was in Asia I
disabled the SIM in settings and used Wi-Fi when available, if you do
need to upgrade than you should be able to install it this way while you
are travelling.

I have to say in my case support have been totally useless, I have not
even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement despite sending three emails
to them since February. I notice that some others have had a responses,
which seem to have been totally unhelpful.


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Hej there,

I found a sim card slot, that looks very similar to the one on FP2 (see picture). It is the one from the Nokia Lumia 635 (very similar) or 630 (similar).
I am waiting for a person to micro solder it - once it´s done I will update you.



And does it work? Can you call somebody with a SIM in that slot?

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I don’t think “waiting for a person to micro solder it” is that fast.

I think the picture in post #16 shows the new SIM slot already soldered in.

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Sub module repairs! Having just experienced a USB socket failure (needing a whole new bottom module to fix) I wonder if the parts have been correctly divided among the modules. The Seymour Powell consultancy who did the industrial design seem to have designed some pretty good stuff over the years; but I can only say it “looks nice” rather than being functional. Probably more “creative” / “concept” people than engineers, so probably they didn’t do much reliability centred design.

It will always be the bits you interact with that are easily damaged - USB, buttons, screen, sim-card and sd-card slots - but on FP2 these are hard to replace without replacing a big chunk of phone. Hey, at least you CAN replace the modules, but a whole new mother board to repair a sim card slot is a bit too much.

Took my old bottom module apart for fun; and found that the modules themselves come apart quite readily, being held together with clips and screws (not glue) so there is scope for some “inside module” repairs (you can easily remove the speaker and the vibration motor in this one) - but you can’t always reach the PCB tracks and there’s no way to replace a USB socket.

Hope the SIM slot repair worked out.

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Hello, good news - the person beeing able to micro solder my SIM slot was finally back from vacation and it worked!
Unfortunately, it is not the easiest thing to do and you have to have some experience in soldering and use a binocular or similar to actually see what you are doing.
One pictures shows the removed SIM slot. As you can see, there are 6 contacts on the upper part of it - but when the slot is attached, you can only see 5. That is a problem, because you can not solder behind the metal cover. So we
bended it a little upwards and back after soldering it, worked. Also, the two slots are connected to each other, so you have to to that as well. it is important to attach the metall part in a proper way so it pushes down the SIM card to make contact.

The second pic shows the soldered in SIM-slot.Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic before putting it back on the silicon part, and I dont have the tools at the moment to take it apart again, but maybe you can see enough here. You can see the soldering between the two Slots - this is done twice, on the upper part and further down. Also you can see some soldering between the contacts.
All together it took approximately an hour (taking apart the phone, unsolder the old slot, solder the new one and put everything back together). So take your time when you plan on doing this.
I hope this information helps.


Hello Stefan,
no, it was only a pic of the SIM slot I bought to show you the similarity. But now it is soldered in, see below.

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Hello Cocolade
do your have a source for this particular piece?

Sorry for the late reply



Dude thanks a lot… I did this and it works…
But the thing is- only one sim card works (idea)… I tried with reliance and vodafone sim card and it wasnt working.
If the connections were bad then even the idea sim card shouldnt have worked, but it works perfectly…
Any idea why other sim cards are not getting connected despite the proper connection.

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New (left) old (right). Who can spot the difference?


The right one has a snapped spring in the not used simcard slot.
And I guess the new one has a different design to prevent the little bits to break. :wink:

Am I right?

But hopefully it is the same footprint on the PCB.:sweat: